How to Create an Efficient To-Do List That is Actually Do-able?

Between work, working out, socializing, and other real-life obligations, achieving our goals and reaching deadlines is almost always harder than it seems. Creating an efficient to-do list is a feat in itself. And when you’ve mustered strength to actually make one, you still find yourself failing to complete Continue Reading

Horror: Pokémon Go Banned in Nepal??!!

Is Pokémon Go Banned in Nepal? For real?! According to an article in TechnoNepal, the possibility of Pokémon Go being banned in Nepal is quite likely. Pokémon Go players are facing issue with the game today, not only in Nepal but also in other countries where Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to release on August 2nd

Samsung Electronics announced a few days ago that the long-awaited phablet – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release is on August 2, 2016. Samsung has always been the go-to choice for smartphones. Ranking higher than Apple in market shares, why wouldn’t anyone be excited about a Continue Reading

Xiaomi unveils Mi Qicycle, a smart electric foldable two-wheeler

Xiaomi Tech, or simply Xiaomi, recently released a smart electric foldable bicycle, Mi Qicycle. The Mi Qicycle is the second product from the Xiaomi-backed startup, iRiding, who released Qicycle R1. This time around, iRiding is able to attach Xiaomi’s unique “Mi” brand on its latest Continue Reading