Mi Qicycle

Xiaomi unveils Mi Qicycle, a smart electric foldable two-wheeler

Xiaomi Tech, or simply Xiaomi, recently released a smart electric foldable bicycle, Mi Qicycle.

The Mi Qicycle is the second product from the Xiaomi-backed startup, iRiding, who released Qicycle R1. This time around, iRiding is able to attach Xiaomi’s unique “Mi” brand on its latest ride to appeal to the mass market.

Xiaomi Mi Qicycle electric folding bicycle comes with 250W, 36V high-speed motor and 20 Panasonic 18650 2900 mAh Li-ion batteries. Same as the batteries found in the products of Tesla Motors.

It is also a smart bike. There’s Bluetooth connection for your smartphone’s companion app to have in-depth information on the bike’s status, ride stats and GPS navigation. It has a 1.8” screen on the handlebar that displays time, speed, distance, dynamic power and battery charge, as well as to let you toggle between 4 modes: Fitness, Power saving, Balanced and Extra power. The IDbike Torque Measurement Method, created by Xiaomi, uses special sensors to optimize the efforts put on pedaling. It means that bikers do not have to pedal hard to achieve the desired speed.

According to the company, it will take its rider anywhere within a 45 kilometer radius on a single charge and that it takes about 3 hours to get it to charge fully.

As of now, the bike is initially crowd funded in the Mi Home app. The bike is only available to the people in China. It has not been released to the public yet because the required quota of users who have signed up and agreed to buy it first has not been met.

If you happen to live there or know someone who does, then you can already over to Xiaomi’s app MiJia app to back this bike’s crowd funding campaign. It has been price-tagged at ¥ 2,999 or about $460 or £307.


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