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5 Must Have Android Apps in Nepal

Got a new phone and you’re thinking of installing some new apps? Nobody needs to tell you to install Facebook, Instagram or Camera360. Everybody knows about the most popular apps in the world. The ever-growing Google Play Store has a proliferation of apps that can cater to your every need. The problem is: there are just too many of them, even with Editor’s Picks, Featured and Best Selling, Top Paid and Top Free categories there to help and they are usually apps that match the needs of our Western peers.

Here at NepalBuzz, we have done some research and gathered a list of 5 must-have Android Apps for a Nepali. All of these apps are made by other Nepalese, which is great. Let’s support them because they deserve it.

If you have other Android apps you would like to recommend, you can share your opinion at the comments section. Without further ado, here is the list of Must have Android apps, together with a brief description of what they can do for you.

1. Nepal Load-shedding Schedule
2. Nepali FM/Calendar – Hamro Patro
3. nLocate
4. Show Time Nepal
5. My Nepal: Nepali FM News Patro

Nepal Load-shedding Schedule
Arguably, one of the most used and needed apps for Nepal. With load-shedding hours changing like seasons, many people need to acquaint themselves with the lights-out schedule in their area/group. This app has a very simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to view load-shedding schedules for each group.You can select your group, and always be prepared for when the power goes out. The easy interface gives you your daily loadshedding schedule right on your home screen, with a countdown timer that notifies you. The app also lets you send the SMS schedules to other phones. Best of all, it is updated as soon as the electricity authority modifies their schedule. Pretty handy.

Nepali FM/Calendar – Hamro Patro
As the name says, this is a calendar AND FM radio app. The app allows you to get notification for important festivals and rituals so that you will never miss them. You can hear Nepali stations. Apart from these, it offers nifty features like local news, date converter, foreign exchange, horoscope and a few more. The latest update has even added a load-shedding schedule in the app. This app undergoes constant development. It works offline, has a toggle for flashlight. Definitely one of the best Nepali apps developed by Nepali Developers for Nepal.

Unlike the previous two apps, this app is not that popular but it needs to be. It is based on the concept of Google Maps. It provides location details for ATMs, ambulances, banks, cinemas, cafes, embassies, educational institutions, hotels, government offices, and many more. However, the app doesn’t have offline maps and relies on GPS to trace directions. Currently, its services are limited to Kathmandu, but if you are in Kathmandu, you can find your way around easily with this handy app. In the future, an offline map feature could make a huge difference.

Show Time Nepal
If watching movies is your thing, then you need to download this app pronto. Show Time Nepal is the best app out there that shows recent releases, updates and coming soon movies for different cinema halls of Nepal. Internet connection is required for using this app and currently the movie show time for the following theaters can be viewed via this app:
a. QFX Cinemas (Jai Nepal, Kumari and Civil Mall)
b. FCUBE Cinemas, KL Tower
c. Big Movies, City Center
d. Q’s Cinemas, Rising Mall
e. Cine De Chef, CTC Mall
f. Gopi Krishna Movies, Chabahil
g. Guna Cinemas, Gwarko
h. Asta Narayan, Balaju
i. CMAX Cinema, Narayanghat
j. OMAX/Om Cinema, Hetauda
k. Itahari Cinema, Itahari

My Nepal: Nepali FM News Patro
My Nepal is a 100% Nepali Android app which features a lot of stuff related to Nepal. It features Nepali videos, audios, TV serials, News, Horoscope, Calendar, FM, Load Shedding Schedule, Jokes, Currency Rates, Food Recipes and the Nepali Anthem. It has a lot more than this. The developer of this application has made it look like a website which has a collection of a lot of things related to Nepal. The drawbacks of this application is that you have to be always online to view it and a lot of ads cover up your screen when using this app.


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  1. I use this android app called Muluk for reading news and Hamro Patro for most other stuff I need. Ekantipur is okay too for news, but kind of laggy.

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