Best Ideas To Organize Your Closet

Best Ideas To Organize Your Closet

Organizing your closet can be tricky. It might be tempting to hang all the clothes as there will be different types of clothes that require a different methods of storage. To keep your clothes neat and accessible, you will need to use a variety of clothing organization ideas for accessories and garments. While organizing clothes in a closet, dresser, or wardrobe, it is important not to cram too many pieces into a tight space. This will lead to wrinkles and makes it more difficult to see the full range of your clothing options.

Some Best Ideas To Organize Your Closet

The ideas to organize your closet will help you tidy up your clothes so you can easily find what you’re looking for when you are getting dressed.

Pack away the seasonal clothes

Store away all the clothes of last season in vacuum packs or closet storage. Cover suits, coats, and evening dresses in plastic covers and hang them in another room. Fold all the woolen clothes and put them in the drawer.

Reserve the space for ready-to-wear clothes

If you are struggling with the space, then remove all the items that are not ready to wear. It shouldn’t be taking the space. Never hang any clothes in your closet until and unless that need to be steamed or tailored. Make a separate section of your closet and plan your weekly time to deal with the item.

Make a vertical space

Hanging the clothes takes more space than we need. So, it is best to manage your closet, it is best if you turn vertical space. Normally, the box-style hanging organizers are effective. Consider installing an extra hanging rod for short-hanging items. If you have the space, then mount a towel rail or a few hooks to the inside of your closet wall for storing smaller items such as jewelry and makeup or hanging the bags.

Get the light

Your well-organized closet will be impractical if you can’t find what’s inside. Consider the closet lighting ideas in your plan. Put some LED lights which are efficient for a closet. Keep this in mind, bright white light may be functional, but a softer glow is more effective and gives a warmer feel.

Know what to fold and what to hang

Before organizing your closet make sure you fold the right clothes and hang the right clothes. If you don’t hang up the right item then the garments made from fabrics will crease easily if folded. And be sure to fold any sweaters made from wool or cashmere, as they can become misshapen, and form unwanted dimples on the shoulders.

Categorize your clothes

Arranging your clothes by priority and occasion will help you to find them easily. Placing your most worn dresses in an accessible place, and storing party wear and occasional dresses do make practical sense. Ultimately, choose the method that works for you, but do make sure there is an order.


Finally, if you are buying a new storage item then make sure you measure a space three times to be sure. Nothing is worse than carting something home and finding it’s too small or big.