Pokemon Go Banned in Nepal

Horror: Pokémon Go Banned in Nepal??!!

Is Pokémon Go Banned in Nepal? For real?!

According to an article in TechnoNepal, the possibility of Pokémon Go being banned in Nepal is quite likely. Pokémon Go players are facing issue with the game today, not only in Nepal but also in other countries where the game hasn’t been official launched like India. Maybe Niantic is not quite happy with the unauthentic downloads. And why would they be as a corporation, right? The article also points out that it might just be a server issue since Niantic, in collaboration with Nintendo, are releasing Pokémon Go in Japan.

As of now, all the Pokéstops have disappeared and no Pokémon can be seen nearby. And the distance you walked to hatch the incubated egg isn’t and won’t even counted. You’ll have the Pokemon you caught and the items in your bag though and all you can do right now is view your Pokémon and evolve and use Stardust to increase the Combat  Power (CP) of your Pokémon.

Since the last couple of weeks, I had been happier and excited than I had been in quite sometime. The reason? Pokémon Go.

To me, it was like a getaway from my humdrum daily routine of  waking up, freshening up, eat, getting ready for work and then, French class, home, eating, sleeping and the monotonous cycle continued.

Until I found Pokémon Go had been released. Pokemon hadn’t (and still hasn’t) been released in many countries, including Nepal. But with social media platforms being flooded by everything Pokémon Go, I had to get in on the fun. I’ve loved the Pokémon franchise since I started watching the anime.There are third-party downloads available online for the game or we could change the mobile app store to some country where it was available. And I did the later. After that, I felt I had something to look forward to everyday. Thus, my adventure of becoming a Pokémon trainer began. I spent about Rs. 150 and bought a 200 MB data pack for that very reason. To me, it was all worth the buck.

Just like yesterday and the day before, I woke up all ecstatic wondering what I would catch today. Poor old me had no idea of what news was heading my way in the next 2 hours. As usual, I reached beneath my pillow and opened Pokémon Go. There was something weird about the game this time. There were no Pokéstops around my house. There weren’t much to begin with but there were about atleast 2 or 3. And also, the Pokéradar did not show any Pokemon around me. I thought to myself maybe the internet’s crappy today or maybe it’s because of the rain that got the GPS signal all messed up. If you’re from Nepal, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And because of the rain, I did not play the game on my commute to work either.

Then I reached work, enter my work room and my friend goes, “Pokémon Go is not working in Nepal!!!”. The Horror. She then told me what she had been experiencing since the morning. Everything that I was experiencing. I hurried to my computer and looked up “Pokéstops disappeared in Nepal” and the post that came on top was “Pokémon Go Banned in Nepal”. With a heavy heart, I opened the link and read on only to be disappointed.

Putting my dramatic words aside, we don’t exactly know if Pokemon Go has been really banned here or just a server issue since Niantic is launching Pokemon Go in Japan today. They definitely don’t want to overload the server today. We don’t know when the issue will be fixed. We most probably have to wait until Niantic officially launches the game in Nepal.

I personally am devastated by the news. But unauthentic downloads do strip the hardworking developers and company of their deserved revenue. I’m in the fence here. All I can do is wait and hope that Niantic releases it in Nepal asap.

What do you think? Is Pokémon Go really banned in Nepal? What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comment below.

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  1. https://youtu.be/0qihGQaz3wM
    From this video you can play Pokemon Go in Nepal or any other country while sitting in home.
    Plz use this exploit only if you have a geolocation ban and don’t be lazy and walk around after the ban is removed.

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