Things I learned from COVID-19 Lockdown

Things I learned from the Covid-19 Lockdown. Can you relate?

Seems like forever now that the world was normal. We could go just about anywhere, meet anyone, hang out with friends, go to the parks, try out the new restaurant that opened just around the corner, etc. Just reminiscing those days gives a hint of satisfaction that the present now cannot give. It almost feels like us people took our daily lives granted. Who could have foreseen the world that we’re being forced to live today? The pandemic has changed everything; the way we live and see things. Nevertheless, I have compiled my list of things that I learned from the Covid-19 lockdown and I am sure you can relate to them as well.

The Covid-19 pandemic came with such a force that the world we knew has turned upside down in just a couple of months. On top of all the innocent lives lost, the economy of the whole world has been thrown into chaos, millions of people are unemployed, another million in disarray as what to expect in the near future. Almost all countries in the world came to a halt when the epidemic began and the same was the case for Nepal. Nepal implemented its own lockdown from the 31st of March, 2020 to reduce the outbreak of the virus. Like for all people throughout the world, the Covid-19 lockdown came as an unwelcomed challenge for the citizens of Nepal too. Being the social animal that we are, people will undoubtedly find it hard to go into self-quarantine for an indefinite amount of time. Lots of things were done, learned, and realized during this Covid-19 lockdown. Here are some of the things that I, personally learned during the lockdown.

Things I learned from Covid-19 lockdown

Mother Nature – 1  Science and Technology – 0

Even after all the scientific discoveries that humankind has developed throughout our history, we came to a screeching halt when we found out that just a single species of virus can cause a meltdown amongst our society. Humans will eventually find out the cure without a doubt but for now, being self-responsible is the only way for us humans.

Human interactions are more important than I realized

Just before the lockdown, I remember, I was so eagerly waiting for my next off-day just so that I won’t have to commute to and from work, interact with people on the way, worry about the next pending project that I had yet to start. But most importantly, being an introvert that I am, I was waiting for my next off-day to have alone time just for myself. Had I known what was to come, I would have high-fived people left and right, talked with everyone on and off work. I came to the realization that being home for almost four months is BORING! We need to interact with people other than our family every now and then. Not just because its something we humans do, but because it’s impossible to remain sane otherwise.

Gathering amongst the crowd was underrated

Wandering in the crowd of bustling evening markets in my hometown was something I didn’t pay much attention to before. I saw the people pushing each other to buy something for a 20% discount and I used to wonder, is it worth it to push and shove for just that! Well, the answer is YES and I am not saying the price is what I am stressing about. What I mean is, being in a crowd, listening to incoherent rambling of people, random laughter of teenagers on the sidewalk, those are the things that define us and because I couldn’t do it anymore, I realized how massively underrated being in the crowd was.

Internet is a blessing

How grateful I am for the Internet cannot be described in words. If not for the internet, I would have certainly lost my mind. Not just because I can stream cute cat videos on YouTube, but also because I can talk to my friends that I couldn’t meet otherwise. The constant uploads of memes and debates on Facebook, the Zoom meeting call from the job, endless episodes of series to binge-watch, etc all possible because of the internet. I will say it again, the Internet is the best invention humans have ever made. Period!

Health truly reigns supreme

There has always been a cliché saying, “Health is wealth”. We always knew it to some degree but boy did Covid-19 proved it to us. People ranging from economic backgrounds of billionaires to lower case, every single one of us was scared of the virus. Rich or poor, it was all the same to the virus. At the end of the day no matter how much money you have, health can never be bought. 

The whole world came together for once

It has been seen by billions throughout the history of mankind that people don’t get along. Be it for religion, race, country, people have been at war with one another since the dawn of time. But for once, during this lockdown, we could see why “humanity” is called humanity. People from all over the world joined hands to fight the disease. Rich countries donated anti-COVID-19 kits to poor countries. Rich people donated a lot in the name of research against the disease. International organizations like the UN, WHO fought really hard to minimize the casualty. All in all, it was good to see how humans can in-fact get along without any prejudice. I just hope people will continue to do the same in the future too.

A lot still to be achieved

Human species are really remarkable creatures for what we have accomplished. We have gone to the moon, taken the picture of black-hole, ridden a sofa in the sky! Facetime people halfway across the world just to see what they are cooking. I mean, humans have come a long way since the stone age. However, situations like Covid-19 makes us realize that there is still a long way to go. A lot of new discoveries to be made so that there will never be another situation like this for our future generations. Till then let’s work hard!

The Covid-19 lockdown (and the virus) definitely pegged humanity down a notch and we learned a lot of lessons. The virus came like a hurricane and left massive trails of destruction in its wake. It will definitely take a while for us to recuperate from its damage but we certainly will rise above it. Every bad situation teaches us a valuable lesson. I have learned my share from it. I hope you guys have too.


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