Learn a Foreign Language to Improve Your Brain’s Cognitive Functions

We Nepalis are, by birth, bilinguals. Our native tongue is Nepali. However, we’re fed English with spoons as soon as we learn to speak. Most are even multi-lingual, we watch Hindi movies and television, so it just comes to us naturally. Not to forget, we Continue Reading

In 2017, Don’t Let Your Resolutions Stay Incomplete

Every 1st of January, millions of people sit down on their desks with a notebook and pen. Most even just use their smartphones. They come forth with a list titled, “New Year Resolutions”. We come up with a list that usually includes: Lose weight. Exercise regularly. Continue Reading

7 Questions to Help You Distinguish Real from Fake Science

We see articles floating around like air. They’re ahead of us, behind us and all around us. Some claim to cure cancer, some to awaken your spiritual being. All say they are based on Science. It isn’t uncommon to see headlines starting with “NASA Confirmed” Continue Reading

New Technology that Stops the Engine if the Driver is Drunk

Young inventor Bikalpa Dhungana has brought forth an innovative new technology to motorbikes and scooters. In a Press meet organized on Friday, he displayed his invention with a new technology that stops the engine if the driver is drunk or hasn’t worn a helmet. Amidst the Continue Reading

Nepal-China Internet Agreement Signed

Good News, Folks! Nepal Telecom(NT) and China Telecom Global(CTG) have signed what we like to call a “Nepal-China Internet Agreement”. The agreement confirms the delivery of internet protocol (IP) service in Nepal with terrestrial cable route (TCR) connecting the two nations via Jilong (Rasuwa) gateway. Earlier Continue Reading