new technology that stops the engine if the driver is drunk

New Technology that Stops the Engine if the Driver is Drunk

Young inventor Bikalpa Dhungana has brought forth an innovative new technology to motorbikes and scooters. In a Press meet organized on Friday, he displayed his invention with a new technology that stops the engine if the driver is drunk or hasn’t worn a helmet.

Amidst the problem of drunk driving, “Ma Pa Se” checkings and road accidents in two-wheelers, a high school student of 18 has brought forth Sobi Anti-Alcohol Vehicle Protecting System (SAAVPS) as a solution to the problems.

Even before the Press Meet, his invention had already been tested and proven to work by the District Traffic Police Office, Kaski. The test was conducted for a week over different stages. The tests results were true to the desired expectations, said Rajesh Thapa, the Assistant Sub-Inspector. The approval letter from the District Traffic Police Office is below.

Following the successful testing of the invention, the Chief of Traffic Police Office, Kaski, Bishwaraj Adhikari has confirmed that it has passed the tests for official uses.

In the program, Dhungana explained that his invention named “Aafno Sabhash” has two types of detectors placed on the helmets. He is confident that his invention can help to reduce road accidents considerably. Similarly, the Principal of his college Krishna K.C. said that the government should initiate to keep talents like Bikalpa home.

On the other hand, the Head of Science Department, of the same college, Dr. Chandra Bahadur Thapa pointed that the technology needed a more in-depth study to take it to the local level.

Moreover, the President of National Youth Council, Kaski, Aashirbad Subedi has promised to provide Bikalpa Dhungana with the necessary help and resources. Also, the Executive Director of Guru Chela Education Network, Subash Malla has also confirmed that his institution is driven towards helping and strengthening talents like Dhungana.

Bikalpa Dhungana, who hails from Manpang, Tanahun has been living in Pokhara since the past few years. He has also won the Youth Talent Award the previous year.

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