A Step Away from Apple: Top 5 Android Smartphone Brands

Android smartphones are no less than Apple smartphones. There is something for everyone on the Android platform. Android smartphones vary in screen size, power processor, software features and designs, making it difficult to choose between brands. So, if you are thinking of using an Android smartphone and confused about which one to go for, then worry not. Because we at NepalBuzz have done some research on some of the best Android smartphone brands in Nepal. And, as a result, we have gathered (of what we think are) the top 5 Android smartphone brands known in Nepal.


Samsung Smartphones

Samsung Smartphones. Image Credit: Trusted Reviews

Samsung is one of the best known smartphone manufacturers in the world with a large range of handsets. Samsung covers a major market share in Nepal for Android smartphones. Samsung is popular among the youth and the elderly as they are stylish, easy to use and packed with different features and functionalities. Samsung phones are popular for their product quality, reliability and the brand name itself. Through innovative and reliable products and services, Samsung sure is taking our country in imaginative new directions. Samsung Galaxy J26, J16, and J7 Prime are some of the latest Samsung phones in Nepal.


OPPO Smartphones

OPPO Smartphones. Image Credit: GMANetwork

OPPO is a global electronics and technology service provider that delivers the latest and most exquisite mobile electronic devices in over 20 countries. This Chinese Smartphone brand officially arrived in Nepal via Telecell Pvt. Ltd, the sole authorized distributor of OPPO. Featuring a star-studded launch event here in Kathmandu on 13th Sept. 2016, the company launched three new smartphones in the Nepali market. The newly launched phones are the OPPO F1s, OPPO A37 and OPPO Neo 7.


Huawei Smartphones.

Huawei Smartphones. Image Credit: LockerDome

Huawei is a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, with users of its products in over 170 countries. This mobile devices and tablets of this Chinese tech giant are quite popular among Nepalese consumers for their quality and affordable price. Huawei hosts various models of cheap and affordable smartphones with high quality hardware. Huawei P9, P9 Lite, and Y5 II are the latest Huawei phones in Nepal.


Gionee Marathon M5 Lite

Gionee Smartphones. Image Credit: News18

Gionee is one of the most popular Chinese mobile companies in the world. It was founded in September 2002 and now, is listed among the world’s top 10 mobile manufacturers. Gionee smartphones are currently available in over 40 countries with exports reaching over a million phones per month for the overseas markets. Tele Talk Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Gionee mobiles for Nepal. Gionee mobiles in Nepal are growing in popularity due to quality and affordable price. It has distributed a wide array of phones in the Nepalese market. Gionee S6s, F103 pro, M5 Mini, M5 Lite are the latest Gionee phones in Nepal.


Micromax Canvas 5 Lite.

Micromax Smartphones. Image Credit: Novate.RU

Micromax is one of the leading consumer electronics company and the 10th largest mobile phone producer in the world. Micromax is popular for the wide range of feature-rich Android smartphones and affordable sets. The most popular Micromax mobiles in Nepal are the Canvas series and the cheap and affordable feature phone series. Micromax holds a wide range of models, ranging from feature-rich, dual-SIM phones, 3G Android smartphones and tablets. Micromax Canvas 5 Lite is the latest Micromax smartphone in Nepal.


There you go, the top 5 best Android smartphone brands available in Nepal according to our thoughts. You can get any of these or many other Android brands such as Sony, HTC, Lenovo etc. from your nearest Android smartphone showrooms. Let us know which brand you are using in the comments section below.