Nepal-China Internet Agreement

Nepal-China Internet Agreement Signed

Good News, Folks! Nepal Telecom(NT) and China Telecom Global(CTG) have signed what we like to call a “Nepal-China Internet Agreement”. The agreement confirms the delivery of internet protocol (IP) service in Nepal with terrestrial cable route (TCR) connecting the two nations via Jilong (Rasuwa) gateway.

Earlier this year, NT and CTG were connected through optical fiber to extend the high-speed internet service in Nepal.The Signing Ceremony of the Nepal-China Internet Agreement was held only yesterday, December 7th, 2016, at a formal program in Hong Kong. The inking of the agreement has finally ended Nepal’s sole dependence on India for global telecom and internet services. And the users will now have an option of receiving  good quality and low price internet bandwidth.

The agreement was signed between Executive Vice President of CTG, Ou Yan and Chief Technical Officer of NT, Lochan Lal Amatya.

In an article by The Himalayan Times, Lochan Amatya was quoted saying, “Nepal will now benefit with additional connectivity. We look forward to establishing Nepal as a transit hub through this route for international connectivity.”


China Telecom is dedicated to expanding our footprint by connecting with neighboring countries. The China-Nepal route could provide service to Nepal and transit service from India. China Telecom has put tremendous effort into building the route through the Himalayas. We are committed to delivering a state-of-the-art route for Nepal Telecom,” said the Executive Vice-President of CTG, Ou Yan.

With the Nepal-China Internet Agreement in place, Nepal can now be directly linked to China’s Hong Kong Data Center – one of the two biggest global date centers in Asia.

This agreement is a solution to many of the telecom and internet troubles we’re facing today. We can now expect for high-speed and quality internet and telecom services at lower prices. A great news for commoners such as us, isn’t it?

What are your views on this agreement? Do you think this move by the GoN will bring a change in our day-to-day lives?

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