Best Budget Friendly Asian Destinations for your Dream Vacay – 2019

Best Budget-Friendly Asian Destinations for your Dream Vacay – 2019

A little relaxing break from your daily routine is always great. And if the vacation is somewhere with the laid-back vibes and awesome views, what else do we want, right? But what about the budget? You might want to spend time somewhere relaxing, but many people are not really being able to have their dream vacay because “good things come with a price”. There sure are many countries with beautiful locations, just perfect for a lavishing vacation. However, those countries are way too above the budget for a lot of people. So, for those who are looking for budget-friendly Asian destinations for your dream vacay, here are a few of the countries with great vacation mood vibes.

Best Budget-Friendly Asian Destinations for your Dream Vacay

Please note that the list is in random order.


Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Indonesia

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Indonesia.

The first one on our list is Indonesia. It is a beautiful country with so many exciting and refreshing places like Bali, Sumatra, Lombok Island, and more. Prices vary from place to place and activity to activity. However, Indonesia is considered to be one of the most budget-friendly Asian destinations where there are amazing places to explore and numerous restaurants offering delicious food at extremely low price.


Goa, India

Goa Beach, India.

We all knew this was coming, right? India is famous all around the world for its culture and varieties of food. Not only that, India boasts many amazing attractions that are famous worldwide. Being a culturally rich country with historic heritage, India is extremely budget-friendly country and you can definitely have your dream vacay with a little bit of “spiciness” (because India is famous for its unlimited spices).


Tibetan Buddhist Stupa, Dingboche, Nepal

If you want a vacation with a little adventure in it, go for Nepal. With intense treks, mountain biking, paragliding, rafting, and many more, Nepal sure is rich in adventure. Not only in adventure, but Nepal is known worldwide for the culture and natural beauty. Best known for the birthplace of Lord Buddha and Mount Everest, Nepal provides you with a little of everything – excitement, adventure, culture, delicious food, humble people, and more.


Gudauri, Georgia.

Georgia in our list is an interesting country that is placed at the junction between Asia and Europe. It is mostly missed by travelers around the world since it is not as popular as the other countries mentioned here. It includes a combination of both traditional and party life. With the cultural influences, affordable prices, spectacular mountains, small villages, serene environment, and more, you can experience all of these within your budget.

Sri Lanka

Lion Rock in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that is rich in culture, has amazingly serene beaches, centuries-old sites, wildlife adventure, sight-seeing, and more. So many exciting activities at such a low price! Sri Lanka sure deserves a place in our budget-friendly Asian destinations for your dream vacay.


Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the exceptionally gifted countries in the whole world with some real natural beauty. Mouth-watering food, accommodation, easy transportations, amazing travel places, you name it, Vietnam has it, and that too in a low budget. So, those who’re looking for a relaxing vacation rather than an adventurous one, Vietnam is the place for you.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Malaysian cuisine is one of the best foods in the whole Asia. Not only the food, but the landscapes in Malaysia are absolutely breath-taking. Malaysia boasts the perfect mix of party and chill, the lush rainforests, delicate wildlife, and more. All of these factors are sure to excite any traveler who’s going for a budget-friendly vacation.

There are so many more destinations that are extremely budget-friendly and provide a lavishing vacation for you. However, the above-mentioned were a few that caught my attention. I found them really interesting and all of these provide a soothing environment to escape from your daily routine.

So, guys! Did you enjoy the list? Are you looking for budget-friendly Asian Destinations as well? Let us know if you want to see any other destinations on the list.

Happy Travelling!

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