Illegal Hoarding Boards in Kathmandu

Illegal Hoarding Boards being removed in Kathmandu for a Clean and Safe City

We all are aware of the fact that there are way too many hoarding boards in Kathmandu. However, many might not really know that a lot of these hoarding boards are illegally up there. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has finally started removing illegal hoarding boards in the city.

The campaign of removing illegal hoarding boards doesn’t only bring cleanliness to the city, but also bring safety to the pedestrians. The Municipal Police is planning to remove around 85 illegal hoarding boards in the city and they are expecting to finish the work in 2-3 days starting today. This would be the first phase of the campaign.

Whereas, in the second phase, all hoarding boards put up on private as well as public land will be removed completely in the city.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s Advertising Board Promotional Material Regulation Policy 2013 states that although hoarding boards and outdoor advertisement materials are a good revenue source for the city, their negative effects on urban development, public safety, and environment should also be taken into account. Hari Kunwar, KMC’s Urban Good Governance Department Head said, “We are removing all the hoarding boards based on this spirit policy.”

Illegal hoarding boards in many different places in the city like Maitighar, Sundhara, Thapathali, Kalimati, Kalanki, Sorhakhutte, Naxal, Airport Rd, Baneshwor, and more have been removed today.

Removing illicit hoarding boards is a small step towards a safe and clean Kathmandu. We hope KMC and the Municipal Police team will do a great job removing the hoarding boards and bring positive changes in the city.