BiP Messenger – A Messaging Application in Nepal

BiP Messenger – A Messaging Application in Nepal

CG LifeCell launched BiP Messenger app in Nepal a few weeks ago. It provides various functionalities making communication simpler and accessible.

The Chaudhary Group launched CG LifeCell in Nepal aiming to provide digital services and most probably telecom services later. In partnership with Turkcell, CG LifeCell had announced to bring many interesting services in the market in MWC 2019. And, the first service after the announcement is the BiP Messenger.

BiP Messenger

The BiP messenger app is a communication app that helps people connect in an easier way. Users can send messages with exciting stickers, make voice/video calls, share documents, location, play games, and more with other BiP users. You can video call to the max. 10 BiP users at once. Users can also provide foreign exchange rate, weather forecast, news, and more. Furthermore, you can translate the app into various languages as well.

The BiP application is available in both Android and iOS. The app was originally developed by Turkcell for easy communication in Turkey. It has around 3.5 million users worldwide. And now that it has finally been launched in Nepal, we’ll also be able to use all of these features conveniently.

The app is quite similar to theViber or WhatsApp Messenger, however, it comes with fewer features. I started using the BiP messenger yesterday and found it very interesting. It is a simple app that comes with various interesting features if you dive into it. I initially thought it was just a simple messaging app and when I invited one of my friends to see how it actually works, I must say I was quite impressed. It comes with easy UI, a lot of online games, packages of Nepali stickers, location sharing, and more. The more you discover it, the more you’re likely to love it.

Give it a try! It’s completely free. Download BiP Messenger: Android and iOS.