Signs of Excellent Writing

Signs of Excellent Writing | Writing Tips

Writing is an art. And if you have the will to write and are passionate about it, you are an artist. But the question here is what makes you a real writer? What makes your content excellent? If you want to know your writing status, check out these signs of excellent writing. These are not only signs, but you can also take it as tips if you’re willing to polish your writing skills.

Expressive Title

The reason I mentioned Title on the first point is that headlines are the first thing your readers would see. So, if your headline is eye-catching or lets people wonder about the content inside, you’re on the safe side. Why do you think some stupid videos go trending on YouTube? It’s the title that attracts audiences. But please be mindful that I am not trying to promote clickbaits here. Your content should be relevant and your title should be attractive and expressive.

Clear Points

The second one comes right after the title; the first paragraph. The first paragraph of your article should make it clear to your audience what they’re getting inside that article. A clear paragraph about an article will never disappoint your audience and it gives a message that “the writer knows what he’s writing”. Only after clearing what the article will be about, you can write about the backgrounds and other stuff you want to add.

Topic Focused

Articles that are out of tone would never work out. Contents that are topic focused are always interesting to read. If the audiences have approved your title and are impressed by the first few lines, they will continue reading and while reading, your articles should mention points that are topic-focused. If you write about the related stuff more than the topic itself, it will be considered a good article.

Simple words

This one is underestimated by many writers; they think the articles with heavy words and vocabularies are better compared to simple words. That’s wrong. Heavy vocabulary sure is a plus point but not all the time. Simple words that are easily understandable by audiences of every category conquests at writing and is considered one of the signs of excellent writing.

Short Paragraphs

Nobody likes reading long paragraphs that are out of context. So, if you want to win at writing, keep your paragraphs as well as sentences short. Your audiences are likely to read more that way.

Polished Grammar

Writings with misspellings and grammatical errors make audiences wince. Give your article one or two revisions (more if need be) before directly publishing it. Trust me, you will find mistakes, even the minor ones. Good writing comprehends clean writing; without misspellings and grammar mistakes.

And that’s it. These are the most common signs of excellent writing. Jot it down to provide interesting content next time you feel like writing. If you’re not getting enough traffic despite doing all the points mentioned above, don’t rush and back out. Keep patience and continue what you’re doing. Good things take time. So, keep writing and keep polishing your skills to get a good result.

Happy Writing!