Top 10 Nepali YouTubers and subcscriber count 2019

Top 10 Nepali YouTubers with Subscriber Counts | 2019

The YouTube world is emerging day by day in Nepal. We Nepalis with internet access enjoy spending our time on YouTube. And lately, Nepali YouTubers are on a rise and delivering contents that are exceptional and entertaining. So today, we will list out top 10 Nepali YouTubers with their subscriber counts. These YouTubers deliver different types of videos with unique concepts and social messages. Let’s get started.

Please note that we’re mentioning YouTubers as in solo artists and not production houses or companies.
The list is in random order.

Top 10 Nepali YouTubers with their Current Subscriber Counts – 2019


Iamsega is a channel owned and handled by Sagar Gurung AKA Sega. He posts travel vlogs, short videos, cover songs, trending challenges, and more on his channel. And nowadays, he’s more into vlogging with his friends and delivers entertaining videos. He joined the YouTube world back in 2016 and has earned immense love from his subscribers. He’s probably the most subscribed Nepali YouTuber today with over a million subscribers.

Current Subscribers: 1 Million+

Ming Sherap

Ming Sherap is one of the most entertaining YouTubers in Nepal. He delivers contents that are hilariously funny and enjoyable. His humor and versatility make him stand out in the comedy world. Also, all of the videos on his channel are considered relatable by youths and teenagers in Nepal. He is also known for his most commonly used word “RAILA” and people shower their love with #raila in social media stream for Ming Sherap.

Current Subscribers: 466K+

James Shrestha

James Shrestha is a Nepali YouTuber living in the United Kingdom with his family. He started his YouTube channel in 2015 and has come a long way. He initiated his YouTube journey with reaction videos and now along with that he also posts vlogs, prank videos, and more. He has named his fan base as “Solti Squad”. Apart from his main channel, he also has a Gaming Channel—JamesShresthaGAMING where he live-streams his gaming and posts gameplay videos.

Current Subscribers: 446K+

Sabin Karki – Beest

Sabin Karki – Beest is owned and handled by Sabin Karki, one of the rising YouTubers/Entertainers in Nepal. This is his second channel. His main channel goes by the name “Beest Official” which is owned by him and also his team. Since the YouTube channel consists of content from his whole team, we are mentioning his second channel in today’s list of top 10 Nepali YouTubers. He started his second channel in 2015 and has been through many ups and downs in his career. We’re very happy to see Sabin standing strong today with his head held high and his subscriber counts higher.

Current Subscribers: 359K+


Chetanvlogs is owned by YouTuber Chetan Karki. He works as a music producer and composer. In his channel chetanvlogs, he mostly posts vlogs with his daughter. This father-daughter relationship is loved by our Nepali audience and they’re famous as “Papa & Pugu”.  You can also find awesome music from this duo on his channel, their vlogs, various music-making process, and more. Chetan is a humble and genuine guy with so much positivity in him. The way he talks, suggests, helps other people, everything is so genuine and so pure.

Current Subscribers: 382K+

Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya – you guys must’ve been waiting for his name on this list as he is one of the best and popular YouTubers in Nepal. In his channel, you’re likely to find different types of vlogs like travel vlogs, daily life vlogs, and more. Even the random videos of his daily life are fun to watch. We’ve seen Sisan grow from the time when he had to struggle to get sponsors to today, where an outrageous number of sponsors are at his door. It feels good to see someone grow both professionally and personally, especially someone who’s as dedicated as Mr. Baniya.

Current Subscribers: 273K+

BiKi RoasTer

BiKi RoasTer is a hilarious channel; full of podcast-type content, humor, sarcasm, and unlimited fun. His commentary and sarcastic way of presenting issues are on point. He is known as the Nepali version of CarryMinati. Carry is famous for his uproarious commentary as well and is one of the sensations of YouTube. Likewise, BiKi RoasTer is also famous for his annotation on various trending topics. If you’re bored and want to freshen up your mood, go through his videos; you sure will feel fresh and lively.

Current Subscribers: 234K+


AAYUSH RIMAL is a YouTuber that’s been in YouTube since 2013. Initially, he used to make hilarious vines and compile them into a video. And nowadays, he uploads funny contents and crazy videos to make his audience laugh. Pranks, talk shows, carpool, parodies, reaction, and just random videos are what you’ll find on his channel.

Current Subscribers: 187K+


SMZ, the channel owned and handled by Susan Maharjan currently has over 138K subscribers. He is a fun-loving motovlogger who’s been in the YouTube zone since 2016. Normally when we hear about Motovlogging, all we think is things realted to biking – roads, journey, and travel. But in SMZ’s channel, you will find something much more than just that. There will be unlimited humorous commentary by SMZ, actual vlog, crucial information, details, bike reviews, and much more. SMZ has given a name to his fan base as well; he calls them “Boros and Boronis”.

Current Subscribers: 138K+


Lhakyila is someone you can call a “Proper YouTuber”. The reason I said this is that in only a few seconds of going through her video list, I could find everything; videos from many categories. Be it beauty, daily vlog, storytime, mukbang, workout tips, Q&A, or some random videos, you will find everything on her channel. It’s been nearly a decade since she joined YouTube. We appreciate her consistency and dedication for YouTube for being there since so long and providing some amazing contents.

Current Subscribers: 98K+

Honorable Mentions:

Alish Rai – The channel includes prank videos, some with social messages and some with humor and sarcasm. It currently has 234K+ subscribers.

Nepali Prank Minister – It is another channel that contains prank videos with social messages. The channel currently has 405K+ subscribers.

Pranksters Revival – It includes prank videos with social issues and messages. The channel currently has 217K+ subscribers.

Nepali Pranksters – Nepali Pranksters is the first Nepali hardcore pranksters in Nepal with amazing prank videos. The channel currently has 365K+ subscribers.

Girish Khatiwada – The channel contains music videos, lyrics, live performances, short movies, jokes, interviews, vlogs, and more. It currently has 312K+ subscribers.


So, these were the top 10 Nepali YouTubers with their current subscriber counts. Please be mindful that the list is not based on the subscriber counts. These were the YouTubers that not only has a good number of subscriber counts but also excellent video concepts.

Did we miss anyone? Feel free to add or mention them in the comments section below.