Mero Sajha App

Mero Sajha: An Easy App for Daily Sajha Commuters

Are you a regular Sajha Commuter? If yes, you might know the struggle one has to go through while waiting for the bus and not having any idea whether it would arrive or no. So, to terminate the exertion, Sajha bus introduced an app with which you can get some real-time bus information. The app is called “Mero Sajha”.

The app was developed by Ramlaxman who’s also responsible for bringing a community siren system and GPD tracking system. Mero Sajha app is a simple and easy-to-use app that would help commuters know about the Sajha buses on routes of Kathmandu. You will get bus movement details for each bus so that you can catch the nearby bus and plan your timing accordingly. In simple words, Mero Sajha is a bus tracking system for not only the commuters but also the Sajha Management as they can keep track of their buses as well.

When you mark a specific geofence, you will be alerted by Mero Sajha when the bus is nearing your marked location. Even if you do not want to specify a geofence, you can use the app to get the bus details and their locations.  The app also provides the distance from the nearest bus from the user.

When you open the app, the first thing you do is click the View Sajha Location option to see the nearest buses to your location. And the best part? Their location will keep changing according to the movement of the bus. Isn’t that cool? So now whenever you’re stuck somewhere or worrying about the bus, you can easily track the buses and manage your time accordingly. You can even get the map information about the routes by clicking the hamburger menu icon on the left side.

Sajha Yatayat has only emerged in the past years and has provided all the possible facilities compared to other public vehicles. It has added new buses and has extended its route to different places in Kathmandu valley. It has included facilities inside the bus, facilities for handicapped people, deluxe buses, and more.

This amazing quick app is available on Google Play Store only for now. GET THE APP Today!