Different YouTube Play Button Tiers

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YouTube, an amazing platform where creative artists show their creativity on a whole another level. The platform is so enormous that there are no limits to videos. There are uncountable videos uploaded on YouTube and it’s growing each day.  We all know that it is a video sharing service where thousands of videos get uploaded on a daily basis. Users can watch, like, share, comment and even upload their videos. YouTube does not stop there; there are different YouTube Play Button Tiers. It rewards creators on the basis of their subscriber counts. But before YouTube rewards are issued, the team reviews each channel to ensure it follows the YouTube community guidelines.

Today, T-Series, an Indian Music Record Label and Film Production Company holds the crown of “Most Subscribed Channel” on YouTube with over 104 million subs. Prior to T-Series, PewDiePie owned the throne from 2013 to early 2019. The battle between these two channels made headlines and almost broke the internet. Finally, we have a winner and T-Series is around 7 million subs ahead of Pew.

Now, let’s talk about the YouTube Play Button Tiers. Almost all of us are familiar with Silver, Gold, and Diamond Play Buttons. But, many might not have the knowledge on the subscriber counts and also the Custom Play Button. So, in this article, we will be shedding light on the YouTube Play Button Tiers.

YouTube Play Button Tiers

Silver Play Button


The first stop for you is Silver Play Button. Channels who follow community guideline and with over 100K subs will be rewarded the Silver play button by YouTube.

Gold Play Button

The second stop is Gold Play Button. Channels with over 1 Million subs are rewarded with Gold Play Button. The golden play button is made of gold-plated brass featuring the channel’s name on it.

Diamond Play Button

The third popular YouTube play button is Diamond Play Button. Channels with 10 Million Subs are provided Diamond Play Button. The play button is crafted with a large piece of crystal and it looks like a diamond – the shining diamond-like play button. According to the survey, only around 430 channels own the Diamond Play Button.

Custom Play Button

Now, this one is not quite popular as there are only six channels that own custom play button – T- Series, PewDiePie, 5 Minute Crafts, Cocomelon, SET India and Canal KondZilla.  Channels with 50 Million subs are rewarded with a custom play button. And because of PewDiePie, the button is famous as the RUBY PLAY BUTTON. Pew was the first one to receive the button and he nicknamed as Ruby Play Button. It is a custom play button where the play button will feature a look from your channel and it comes in the color of the ruby.

Custom Play Button – II

Since T-Series has broken all the barriers and is on top with over 100 Million subs in their channel, YouTube has confirmed that T-Series will receive another custom play button soon for their achievement. We’re all very excited for the second custom play button to be revealed.

So, these were the YouTube Play Button Tiers that exist. It is a great way to reward and appreciate the creative personas and their creativity.

In the context of Nepal, famous YouTubers own either Silver or Gold Play Buttons. We’re excited to see who’ll be the first YouTuber from Nepal to win a Diamond Play Button. Good luck to them!