PewDiePie VS T-Series – An Ongoing YouTube Battle

PewDiePie VS T-Series – An Ongoing YouTube Battle

PewDiePie VS T-Series – It’s the battle everyone is talking about!

The whole internet, or let’s say the whole YouTube world is buzzing regarding the ongoing YouTube battle between PewDiePie and T-Series. Now, it’s not about some personal grudges or anything similar to that. It’s about who’s going to have the highest number of subscribers and earn the throne of “Most Subscribed Channel”.


PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber, a fun loving guy that shares comedy content (memes mostly), vlogs, and more. He’s also a video game player who’s loved by most of the youths. His YouTube contents are hilariously funny and anyone who’s in a bad mood can instantly freshen up by his videos (talking from my personal experience).


Whereas, T-Series is completely different from PewDiePie. It’s an Indian music record label and film production company that uploads music content on YouTube. It mostly shares Bollywood music and movie trailers. T-Series is known to be India’s largest music record label.

PewDiePie vs T-Series

The throne of “Most-Subscribed Channel” has been occupied by PewDiePie since the year 2013. Both of these channels (PewDiePie and T-Series) currently have over 89 Million Subscribers on their YouTube Channel. The throne still belongs to PewDiePie, however, witnessing the increasing number of subscribers on T-Series, the future is unpredictable for the throne. The subscriber difference between these two accounts is narrowing day by day and T-Series is only around 20K subscribers behind in the race.

The whole internet is going crazy over this online battle and supporters can be seen backing up their favorite YouTube channel in many ways.

Yesterday, PewDiePie reacted to what Indians had to say about the whole situation. As usual, he did it in a fun way and it was an interesting video. I personally really enjoyed watching it. You can watch it here.

When asked about PewDiePie and T-Series, many Indians were seen being offended by his Diss Track made for T-Series. He made the track when people were talking about the battle and how T-Series would soon occupy his place. Indians were seen supporting T-Series and the main reason was that they were annoyed by the diss track and that T-Series was an “Indian” company.

With the increasing subscribers, T-series might soon dethrone PewDiePie and earn the title of “Most-Subscribed Channel.” OR, it can be just another prediction and PewDiePie might not have to give away his sovereignty.

You can view the live subscriber count here.

Who do you support in this combat? PewDiePie or T-Series? Drop your comments below.

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