#Trashtag Challenge Goes Viral Across the Internet

#Trashtag Challenge Goes Viral Across the Internet

A new challenge has taken over the internet these days. The challenge is called #Trashtag. It is a challenge where people clean up their nearby areas and post the before/after photos.

The challenge started on social media has made it around the world and encouraged people to get outside and help clean the environment. And now the #Trashtag challenge is influencing youths in Nepal as well.

The viral social media challenge consists of two images—before and after. The before image shows a place littered with trash and the after image shows the same place all cleaned up. Since the challenge is going viral across the internet and also brings positive changes in our environment, Nepali youngsters from many places have picked up the challenge and started cleaning up the mess.

A guy from Nepal in #Trashtag challenge.

The #Trashtag challenge is an effort to clean up litter and trash on different places like roadsides, parks, and just anywhere possible.

Many might also say it’s for internet fame, but let’s be positive and think about the changes it would bring to our environment. Yes, there are people that would say “Oh! It’s trending? Let’s do it then and post a picture!” But even if they did it with fame in their mentality, it is helping our environment get cleaner. I am saying this as I have seen so many comments on these #Trashtag posts about people cleaning their environment just to get featured on popular pages.

I personally think #Trashtag is an amazing challenge and is pushing our youth towards a better mentality to get outside and clean up their community.

So, let’s get in the challenge and start cleaning up our environment!