Quitters Can Become Winners Too.

Quitters Can Become Winners Too

Remember that no one else deserves success more than you.

We’ve all heard the saying before: Winners never quit, and quitters never win. So, why is it so easy for so many people to quit on their goals? Quitting isn’t all about giving up when it feels like you’re failing. Quitting in the face of potential success is one of the most courageous things you can do. Quitting over things can only make you feel bad about yourself; makes you feel like a loser. When things get tough, you can’t keep going on; it makes you feel weak. Winners have failed and quit many times. All winners have been quitters. With that in mind, Quitters can become winners too.

Think of all of us as babies, learning to crawl and walk. We try to stand, and we fall. Over and over again. There is no shame. There is just the excitement that first time when we finally stay up and tower over everything. Then we fall. With enough practice and repetitions, we learn to walk. No one learns to walk without falling many times.

But somewhere along the line, we get the idea that failing was bad. But that doesn’t mean that quitters can’t become winners. We grow up being taught that what isn’t broken needn’t be fixed. We choose to stay safe, living in our comfort zones despite it not making us truly happy or fulfilled. We’re not fully considering opportunities to grow and improve ourselves which is a big factor in creating our personal happiness.

Before you quit, remind yourself what you’re quitting to go back to. Remind yourself of the life you didn’t enjoy and the situation that didn’t make you happy. Remember why you ventured out for greatness in the first place. You won’t have as much pressure, the challenges may go away temporarily. But once you realize that quitting was a wrong step, you’ll be unhappy again, you’ll be ridden with guilt and disappointment because you failed your attempt. With that guilt, you rise up again. You challenge and push yourself to make the right choice. Sure, it’ll be harder, but it’ll get you further ahead and closer to achieving your goal.

More opportunities exist on the roads less travelled. Challenging yourself is the first step to becoming a winner. Quitters can become winners too! People who have faced the same challenges and risen above the occasion and pushed past their own obstacles are winners.

Develop the habit of moving beyond your limitations and fears. When you quit, you are only quitting on yourself. Before you quit, decide not to.


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