Separate lanes for public and speeding vehicles. Image Source: The Kathmandu Post

Separate Lanes for Public and Speeding Vehicles in Kathmandu

A new campaign has hit the roads of Kathmandu – separate lanes for public and speeding vehicles.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) launched a new campaign from Wednesday to have separate lanes for public and speeding vehicles in the Kathmandu Valley. The officials said that the new campaign aims to minimize the road accidents inside the valley.

As per the MTPD, the high-speeding vehicles are required to ply from the middle section of the road, while the public vehicles from the sides of the road. The MTPD on Wednesday trained drivers regarding this while displaying placards such as “First you and then I”, Do not blow horn”, and “Overtake from the right side of the road”.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Sabendra Khanal said that the newly launched campaign aims at controlling the road accidents. He further added, “Nearly 42 percent of the road accidents in Kathmandu Valley involves pedestrians every year.”

Mr. Khanal said, “Road accidents will come down at a higher rate if drivers become disciplined and cautious while on duty.”

Looking at the past, the MTPD has been launching many new rules and campaigns to reduce the road accidents in Kathmandu Valley since the very beginning. Some of the recent rules they implemented include fining the jaywalkers, fining the errant motorists, installing new zebra crossings, and more. However, the rule of fining jaywalkers was, later on, dropped because of many people complaining about the fine amount being too high which was NPR. 200.

In spite of having so many road-rules in the Kathmandu Valley, there are so many people facing road accidents every day. I personally think the reasons behind this might be the lack of road-rules knowledge in motorists and also people involved in jaywalking.

Well, with the new campaign of having separate lanes for public and speeding vehicles in Kathmandu Valley, let’s hope it will help in reducing the accident rates.

What do you guys think about the new rule hitting the valley roads? Let us know through the comments.


News Source: The Himalayan Times

Featured Image Source: The Kathmandu Post