New zebra crossings in Kathmandu Valley. Image Source: Lokantar

KMC to Install at least 600 New Zebra Crossings in Kathmandu Valley

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is all set to install as many as 600 new zebra crossings in Kathmandu valley within two weeks, as RSS reported.

The meeting held in the capital on Sunday between the KMC officials and other stakeholders identified that more than 600 new zebra crossings in Kathmandu valley were needed for road safety.

The decision was made after the KMC mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya underscored time-bound and result in far-reaching changes as well as in such a manner where the public could experience the impact immediately.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police had enforced a new rule in Kathmandu valley from May 15 this year where jaywalkers were penalized. Later on, the rule to fine jaywalkers was dismissed after it met with severe criticism and a huge public outcry.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division said, “It was to minimize the road accidents as the pedestrians account for around 40 percent of the road accidents.”

Similarly, Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited, Project Implementation Directorate Chief, Prasad Khatri said that the issues relating to the management of dust and sewage alongside the Chahabil to Chuchhepati would be addressed by mid-July.

Mingmar Lama, the MTPD Chief Deputy Inspector General of Police drew the attention of the KMC for opting scientific management of the traffic signals at the roadside as well as parking spaces.

Meanwhile, the meetings also discussed the implementation of the report relating to the feasibility study for the parking management in Kathmandu, installation of more air pollution measuring devices and traffic management in the district among others.

Installing more new zebra crossings in Kathmandu valley surely will help everyone to be safe on the road. Always use zebra crossings while crossing the road and stay safe guys!


Reference: The Himalayan Times