Traffic cops to fine jaywalkers fro today. Image Credit: The Kathmandu Post

Traffic Cops to Fine Jaywalkers from Today

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has decided to fine jaywalkers from today. With an aim to discourage jaywalking, every jaywalker will be fined with NPR. 200 in the valley.

The chief of the department, Deputy Inspector General, Mingmar Lama said that the division is set to conduct a road safety campaign for pedestrians in the valley.

The rules were scheduled to be enforced from May 15, but due to the local elections and faded zebra crossings, MTPD had postponed the decision. Around 900 traffic police were deployed for the election in three different districts inside the valley. Apart for this, more than 90 percent of traffic lights installed at various junctions in the valley are non-functioning.

DIG Lama said, “As many as 75 people get killed in road accidents annually because if jaywalkers and our main goal is to stop this trend.” He further said as per the Vehicles and Transport Management Act, 1993, jaywalkers would face a fine of NPR. 200 to NPR. 1,000.

Lama also said that the first step will be to fine jaywalkers and those who fail to pay the fine will be detained for three hours and provided road safety lessons. MTPD said that action against drivers parking their vehicles and street vendors selling their products on the footpath will also be booked.

According to the MTPD, over 1,500 traffic police have been mobilized for public awareness about the new rules in town. The department has also been coordinating with 1,275 schools and colleges in disseminating messages around the city.

Although the people of Kathmandu have welcomed the move, they are complaining about the narrow footpaths and mismanaged roads and lack of/faded zebra crossings.

With this new rule in the town, we hope there would not be any jaywalkers and would reduce the rate of accidents caused by jaywalking.


Source: The Kathmandu Post