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Tips to Develop a Reading Habit for Yourself

Reading is good for you. You know that already, don’t you? But in this world full of distractions, developing a reading habit isn’t always easy. You might read a few pages, or even a chapter and get distracted. The smartphone in front of you may grab your attention and losing oneself in the Facebook News Feed isn’t so uncommon these days. You may also go and check the television for what shows are on. And the list continues.

The book you estimated would finish in a week, you end up dragging around for months. You move it from the shelf to your bedside so you will remember to read it. But you never really get around to reading it. You may eventually grow tired of the cycle and end up stashing the book somewhere out of sight. If you’re going through this, don’t worry, there’s still hope. Here we have a some tips for you to finally turn you into a book-lover.


You will never finish reading that book if you don’t separate out time for it. If you’re thinking, “I’ll read it whenever I have the time/chance”, it’s not going to happen. Spare time for reading. Everyday. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. You could do it in the bus to your work/school, first thing in the morning, or just before bed. Whenever it is you choose, make sure to put it in your schedule and follow the schedule religiously. Your reading is important, so it needs a space in your daily routine.

Make a List

Not sure what to read? Do some research on that browser you’re reading this from. Choose the books that you think may be interesting. Start from there. I’ll do a beginner reading list for you the coming week, anyway. Create a list of books that excite you. But keep it minimal. 10-20 books at max for a year should do. If your list is too long, you may just get overwhelmed and never get around to completing it.

Get Excited

Like reviews? Read a few of them about the book you’ve chosen to read. Or read a the first few pages. The back cover is a good starting material, too. Doing this gears you up to complete the book. A reading habit has to start with a few lines, after all. These will make you grow excitement for the book and spark your curiosity. Try to avoid spoilers, though.

Carry your Book

A book isn’t too heavy. Every time you get out of the house, follow this routine: Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Book? Check. That’s it. That way, whenever you have even a few minutes of free time, you can turn the pages and get reading. It’s a lot better way to pass the time rather than mindlessly scrolling through the Facebook News Feed and you’re strengthening your reading habit.

Know When to Give Up

Reading should be enjoyable, something you should look forward to. But if you find yourself yawning every time you look at the book, trying is fine but you should be completely comfortable giving it up. Rather pick up something that spikes your interest. You’ll never make a reading habit if you stress over a book you don’t enjoy.

If you’re among them that want to read books but just can’t get around to it. These 5 tips should surely help you.
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