Likhit: An App That Helps Prepare For Nepal's Driver's License Exam

Likhit: An App That Helps Prepare For Nepal’s Driver’s License Exam

A new Android phone app ‘Likhit’ (लिखित) has been released that will be helpful for those wishing to appear in the driving license exam of Nepal.

The app, developed by Vedamic Technologies, was released last Wednesday on Google Play Store and it aims to guide users along the way for the driving license written as well as the trial exam of Nepal.

With a simple user interface, Likhit is very straightforward to operate. Its contents have been categorized into sections. This app has many features that will help you along the way to study for the driving license written as well as trial exam of Nepal.

Features of Likhit
Category-based Questions

Likhit has questions and answers that are likely to be asked in written exam. The questions are arranged in different categories which will give brief knowledge about each topic. The categories are again divided into two groups — Group A being the reading section and Group B being the practice section. Traffic rules, First Aids, Pollution and so on are some of the categories included in the Question/Answer section of the App.

Mock Exam

The mock exam is a very useful feature of this app. It helps individuals prepare themselves for the written exam. The mock exam consists of a 25-minute test with 18 questions. Each question is a multiple choice question, consisting of 4 options like that of the actual test. At the end of the test, users can submit their answers and it will present them with scores. Completing the mock exam will give you the idea of how the real test is going to be like and raise confidence.

Manual/General Knowledge

In this section, different side notes for driving are included. It houses the knowledge of traffic symbols, knowledge regarding first aid, important notices and so on. This feature will help get some general knowledge about driving, road accidents, traffic management and others. It also provides the information about vehicle trials and how it is conducted. Other note includes procedure to apply for the driver’s license, vehicle tax, and punishments for breaking road rules and about different vehicle parts.

Driving Centers

This feature allows user to locate driving institutes in the proximity of the user. You can select your zone and it will give you the list of driving schools and centers with their contact details. A side icon of either bike or car beside each listed driving center will provide information about the classes available in that particular center. A car icon will represent driving center for four wheeler and a bike icon represents driving center for two wheeler.

Transport Offices and Sample Forms

The app consists of transport management offices of different Zones with their contact information and locations. It also consists of the available emails and websites. This feature will help find the nearest transport department from your location along with their contact details. Likhit also consists of sample forms that can be downloaded. These forms cannot be used for official purpose. They are just specimens.


Undoubtedly, Likhit is a very useful app and has many valuable information that you’ll need to help you through the journey to get your driver’s license.  It is a must have app for licence holders too since it also gives you updated information about Traffic rules and signs. However, it requires active internet connection and the incessant ads are a nuisance to users.

The app is currently available on Google Play for Android mobile phones in Nepali.

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