Nepalese Local Elections 2017: How to Vote

Nepalese Local Elections 2017: How to Vote at the Local Elections?

Nepalese will head to the ballot box on May 14 to elect representatives of local governments. This will inaugurate voting under the new constitution that was passed in September 2015. Furthermore, this election, Nepalese Local Elections 2017, will be the first opportunity for about 25% of the 14 million estimated voters. It will, therefore, be historic to voters of the age group between 18 and 39. The last time Nepalese got to participate in a local election was 20 years ago.

Since this will be the first time voting for many and also the voting process and the positions to vote for are quite different than the previous constituent assembly elections, people may not be well aware of the proper voting process for the upcoming local elections.The Election Commission of Nepal has prepared a video to educate the voters regarding the correct way to cast their vote in the upcoming local elections. It is highly advisable that you watch the animation carefully and understand the correct way to vote.

Share the video so that more people become aware of the correct process to vote at Nepalese Local Elections 2017. Because your vote is your voice. Make it count!



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