Haribahadur, the book has been launched. Madan Krishna and Hari bansha launching the novel.

Haribahadur, the book has been launched in the Capital

Actor and Comedian, Haribansha Acharya’s debut novel, Haribahadur, was released in a function held at the premises of Nepal Academy, in the Capital, on Saturday. The book is published by Fineprint.

Haribahadur is based on the popular Nepali teleserial Haribahadur Madanbahadur, that featured Acharya himself and his comedian partner, Madan Krishna Shrestha, who at the event took the chair of Chief Guest and unveiled the book.

Previously, Acharya had published his autobiography, Cheena Harayeko Manchhe, which was a big hit among the readers.

Acharya said, “When I wrote Cheena Harayeko Manchhe, I didn’t have to think about a subject. What I experienced in my life was the very subject of the book. But, when I sat down to write a new book, I had to come up with a new subject. There are plenty of films based on books. But, a book based on a film? This, as far as I know, has never happened. Then, why don’t I attempt it myself? I was excited.”

He further added, “But then this book is not an exact copy of the telefilm. Only about 15 percent of the telefilm’s scenes are included in the novel.”

Haribahadur, the book being launched. Image Source: The Kathmandu Post.

Haribahadur, the book being launched. Image Source: The Kathmandu Post.

The event on Saturday started off with a live performance featuring Acharya himself, where he came to the stage in his Haribahadur character and performed as a book salesman. After the book’s official launch, Acharya engaged in a discussion with author Buddhisagar.

Speaking about the book, Buddisagar said, “There have been observations made that Nepali novels are becoming more and more sentimental and soapy while Nepali movies are giving way to comedy. I think Haribahadur, to some extent, changes that. Written by a comedian, it is a book that offers humor and satire, which is perfectly on cue with precise timing that characterizes a comedy show.”

In conversation with Buddisagar, Acharya said, “Although I have written scripts for a plenty of movies, this is my first attempt at a novel, and I found a couple of key differences between the two sectors. While at scripts, there are certain limitations, such as, when you write a scene, you also have to think about the financial viability, writing a novel, however, is free of such limitations.” He continued, “Unlike the teleserial, the novel deals with the character Haribahadur, and his whole life.”

At the event, Madan Krishna Shrestha announced that he is also coming up with a book which will be released around August this year, “In the last few years, everyone I meet asks the same question—when will I write a book—referring to Acharya’s Cheena Harayeko Manchhe. My book is on the way,” he said.

Sharing his nervousness about the novel, Acharya said, “I’m nervous like I am appearing for SLC. I hope I get pass marks at least.”