How to Increase your Productivity at Work

“HOW DO I BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE?” This is something every working individual shouts to themselves at least once every week. Usually on the weekend when they look back at the progress they’ve made so far, how to increase your productivity is your number 1 thought. Every person is different. The differences though can be kept under two categories. You may be among those who work hard and schedule their days aka the “more” productive ones or among those who slack back and have a longer slump time aka the “less” productive ones.

Regardless of which category you fall in, how to increase your productivity is still on your mind. Even if you are accomplishing tasks, you want to do more. After all, we’re humans and we being satisfied with something just the way it is? Never.  We understand your plight, we work desk jobs as well.

Therefore, we bring to you some unconventional ways on one of the most searched phrases in Google, “How to increase your productivity?” So, if you’re here because you searched a phrase similar to that, read on to know more on what you can do to become more productive.

Listen to your body

“My body doesn’t talk, my mouth does,” was what my friend once said to me when I gave him this advice. But you people are smart. You know what I mean, right? To get optimal results, you need to listen to your body. Schedule your day around the tasks of your body’s natural timetable. My peak hour is usually around the mid to late afternoon and do my most complex tasks during that time. Yes, I’m a little off-beat as most people get lazier around the afternoon. But, it is what it is. That is why you have to maneuver yourself according to the timetable your body generally follows. Feel more active in the mornings? Do your complex tasks in the mornings, then. Save the simpler routine tasks for when the laziness blues hit.


Do I even need to tell you about this? You work hard and are smart enough to know that prioritizing your tasks helps you get your work done better. But how about this? You have to make it a high-priority task to prioritize your tasks. Thinking about what’s more important and doing it isn’t enough. You need to actually write down your tasks according to the importance they carry. Prioritizing helps you add that “smart” to your working-hard.

Batches – Little cute Batches

Our brains are really good at grouping similar tasks together and working on them. That is why you should create batches of tasks that are similar. If you have to respond to emails, you could separate a time-frame and do it all within that time frame. That way, the time taken for it is significantly reduced.
Also separate them into little clumps.

Take a Break

You may have a lot on your plate and maybe that thing you’re working on is really important. But long hours of work only tend to decrease your speed and performance. Breaks help you overcome that. Tasks like writing, especially, take a lot of brain function and require breaks to recover. The clumps of work batches that you separate, take little breaks between them. Go on and socialize with your co-workers for a few minutes or take a walk around your office. The energy will be much higher when you return to your desk.

Multitasking? Nope.

While everybody is fond of multitasking, we have to understand that we aren’t smartphones. Not to say we are lesser than them, we created them. However, if you want your productivity to climb up, the best you can do is focus on one thing at a time. Your work is better when your focus is directed towards one thing completely rather than touching on everything at once.

The Handy-Dandy Notebook

This is a phrase I always heard as a child on Nickelodeon. And I still find it to be effective. You should always keep a notebook handy, or be modern and make proper use of you smartphone. No matter your modus operandi, make it a habit to jot down all your thoughts and ideas into words. Your brain can have a lot of things going on at all times. Writing them down as they appear makes it easier to come up with new better ideas.

We like everything spicy

Routine tasks are boring. We hate routines, the main reason why we procrastinate. Bring a change to your routine and spice things up. My friend listens to music to change the atmosphere and it works for him. For me, my imagination is enough. Try and test different things to see what gets your juices flowing. You could also bring changes to your workspace. Anything that works.

So, here we are, complete with the list of things you do to answer that how to increase your productivity question. Try these, they work for us, and as we are among the second category, the slacking back ones, they should definitely work for you. So, use these easy tricks and bloom up your productivity.

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