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How to Use Meditation for Anxiety and Depression

We cannot be happy and bubbly all the time; we all go through hard times and it is completely normal. Sometimes things don’t work our way and we feel overwhelmed and stressed. We get sad, depressed and have anxiety attacks. But things don’t necessarily have to stay that way. You can find your way back to sunshine. How? With meditation. Yes, meditating is very beneficial when it comes to avoiding anxiety and depression. In order to get the full benefits of meditation, one needs to be a dedicated practitioner for years. However, it does not mean one cannot try. Even as a beginner, meditation brings a positive internal change gradually. So, if you’re going through a tough time, dealing with anxiety, or want to have a positive state of mind, stick with this article. We will learn how we can use meditation for anxiety and depression.

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Meditation helps in avoiding anxiety and depression.

Many people underestimate the power of meditation. They say it won’t work. But just closing your eyes does not mean you’re meditating. One needs to focus and follow a certain path in order to actually meditate and benefit from meditation. It is a state of balance of equilibrium caused by slowing down the breath and by focusing your attention to internal activities.

The most important aspect to succeed in meditation is to do it regularly on a daily basis. Dealing with anxiety and depression is hard, very hard. You have to conquer your fears and push your mind state to positivity. That’s why you cannot heal in just a week or so. You have to continue doing it. Even it’s only for 10 minutes, try making meditation a daily habit. When you do it daily, you’re likely to progress and stretch your meditation period. And after a few attempts, you will get the idea as long as you are prepared to invest the time and follow the instructions.

Before Starting the Meditation…

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you actually start meditating. So, before you start your meditation, –

  • Find a suitable and quiet place in a serene environment.
  • Wear something light and comfortable
  • Practice the posture for your meditation
  • Make sure you ate a few hours ago and you’re not hungry
  • Keep a glass of water nearby

Use Meditation for Anxiety and Depression

So, with the quiet environment all set, sit in the posture you’re most comfortable with. You don’t necessarily have to cross your legs to meditate. Now, slowly start breathing in through the nose and out through your mouth. After a while, continue to pay attention to your breath, but now breathe only through the nose. Slowly breathe in and out until you feel calm and relaxed. Let your stress go out of your body and dive deep inside a state where nothing exists, not even your own thoughts. This part is very difficult; you have to try not to think about anything. Be in a mental state where there are no worries, no feelings, no opinions, no time, and no nothing at all to stress about. Just you and your slow, relaxing breaths – pure emptiness and full of positivity.


The true mental freedom and the real appreciation of meditation will come only when you will realize that empty gap between breaths and especially between your thoughts. You’re likely to reach this state after many regular practices. You need to aim to reach this internal state as soon as you sit for meditation. So, don’t quit just because you’re not able to achieve that mental state in a few attempts.


Meditation helps a lot in improving your mental health, especially if you’re suffering from anxiety and depression. Remember, meditation doesn’t work like magic, you need to dedicate your time and your will in order to bring change.

Don’t worry if you’re going through rough times; anxiety and depression are a part of our life. We feel lonely at times and want to give up everything. But let’s give meditation a try and let go of our worries for a better tomorrow. Let’s have hope.

Happy Meditating!

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