Fun Indoor Activities to do in this Quarantine Period

Fun Indoor Activities to Do in this Quarantine Period

Most of us are home-quarantined today due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of people have already lost their lives and millions are fighting for theirs. We place our sincere sympathies to all those who’re affected by this pandemic. Since almost the whole world in under the quarantine period, we need to be productive and do fun indoor activities to keep ourselves busy and entertained. The main motive behind all these indoor activities idea is to keep our mental health stable and feel healthy.

In the context of Nepal, it’s already been 40+ days since nationwide lockdown took place and many of us are starting to feel monotonous. This could be dangerous for our mental as well as physical health. That’s why we need to keep our minds busy and spend our quarantine time efficiently. This leisure time for us does not necessarily mean we need to bore ourselves to death. There are many fun activities we can do to keep ourselves entertained and healthy. So, let us roll out some of the fun indoor activities to do in this quarantine period.

Fun Indoor Activities to Do in this Quarantine Period


Well, we all saw this one coming. Exercising is the first and foremost thing that crosses our mind when we stay at home doing nothing. It’s time we start doing it. Exercising can help a lot in this leisure time to stay fit, active, and healthy. This will also help divert your mind from feeling monotonous while keeping your body healthy. You can start with a simple exercise of just 5 minutes. But be consistent. Slowly, stretch your timing and soon you will start enjoying it.

Start a Blog

As we all sit at our home thinking about how we could be enjoying our time outdoors, why don’t we lay our imagination out in beautiful vocabs? WordPress is a wonderful platform and you can get started anytime you wish. The best of all? It is absolutely free. Start your own blog today and keep yourself entertained.


Reading is a great way to keep ourselves occupied during this quarantine period. Grab a book, a novel, an ebook, or any comics you want to read. It is a perfect activity for those staying in to avoid illness.

Learn Cooking

Food is all we can think of while we don’t have much to do. So, why not learn a new dish today? There are thousands of simple recipes for delicious food. And if you want to see yourself making some cool dishes, now is the right time! Bring out the Gordon Ramsay in you and learn some delicious food recipes. Get started!

Learn a New Language

You do not have to bore yourself this quarantine. Get online and try learning a new language. This is a perfect time. Duolingo is one of the best apps to learn a new language; it is absolutely free. You have a lot of free time to learn a new word and progressively a new language. Surprise your friends with a new language when you meet. 😉

Pursue your Hobby

There might be something that you absolutely love doing. Singing, dancing, photography, or maybe learning a musical instrument. Now is the best time to let your dreams shine and focus on your hobbies if you are bored at home.

Snacks (But not too much)

Who doesn’t like snacks, right? Get yourself some fun snacks but remember, not too much. It is okay to eat some sugary or spicy snacks. It would somewhat take your boredom away and make you feel good.


Meditation is one of the most effective ways to calm your mind. Spend at least 20 minutes a day in meditation. Find a comfortable, refreshing environment, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. This will calm both your body and mind.

Pamper yourself

Remember when somebody said “You should do a skincare routine” and we used to say, “Nah, that takes too much time”? Well, now that we have all the time in the world, how about we treat ourselves a bit and start a healthy skincare routine? Try out different face masks, cleansing, moisturize your skin, oh my! Let’s take care of our skin in this quarantine period and “get the glow”.

Social Media

You might be thinking why social media when all we do is scroll when we are bored. Well, it is because many would say social media is a bad influence on us. But the truth is, it is what keeps us updated in this crisis. It is absolutely fine to scroll, get yourself some information, and talk with your friends. It gets a little messy when we do not do anything else and just stay on our social medias. Take social media as a break throughout your day and keep yourself updated with all the happenings.

Family Time

Spend time with your family. This is a time where we do not have to worry about our day-to-day work routine. So, why not try some indoor board games like Ludo, Snake Ladder, or any other video games. I am a huge PUBG Mobile fan and the game has made this quarantine time easy and fun for me. You can try it too! 😁


If you have a garden or maybe some unused space around your home, you can use this free time to make it more appealing with some flowers or maybe some plants. Gardening is fun and once you get hang of it, you would want to play more with new plants. Go, gardening!

So, this was our list of Fun Indoor Activities to be Productive in this COVID-19 crisis. Do you want to add any other fun activity to this list? Feel free to use the comments section below.

Stay home, stay safe!