Nationwide Lockdown Extended

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Nationwide Lockdown Extended till April 7

Witnessing the rise in the number of new Coronavirus cases in Nepal, our Government officials have decided to extend the nationwide lockdown till April 7, 2020.

The Government had earlier enforced a nationwide lockdown for a week starting on March 24. But since the cases are on a rise, it is best that we stay under lockdown for a few more days.

Nepal has so far reported five cases of COVID-19, with the first case identified at the end of January. The cases have been found in those who’ve returned from different countries like France, Belgium, UAE, and more. Among the cases, only one has been fully recovered and others are currently in isolation.

The international flights were banned till March 31 prior to this extended nationwide lockdown date. However, with the extended lockdown, the international flights’ ban is now applicable until April 15.

According to some sources, some of those who have returned from foreign countries are refusing to report about their arrival and self-quarantine. It is said that their families are concerned about the embarrassment they might face. It sounds ridiculous but it is said to be the reason why they are backing out from providing their arrival reports. Government officials have decided to take necessary actions against cases like these.

The Government has imposed this lockdown to keep us safe and limit the spread of the virus. Therefore, as civilized citizens, it is our responsibility to follow the health experts and maintain social distancing.

Together we can overcome this pandemic!

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