Best Alternative Apps for Facebook

6 Best Free Alternative Facebook Apps

The first thing on your mind might be: “Why would you need an alternative app when there is already an official Facebook app?” It is because some of us might be struggling with data, battery and memory drain because of the official Facebook application. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to the official Facebook app that are lighter, faster and also offer unique features. So, to help you find the best alternative Facebook apps, here are 6 options to choose from.

Facebook Lite: the official alternative

Screenshot of Facebook Lite on Google Play StoreBefore I start giving you more options to explore, let’s go with Facebook’s own solution: Facebook Lite. This app is created by Facebook to help people with slower internet and older devices. It is meant to use fewer system resources, less data, and is configured to work even with the slowest data connections. It works on 2G networks, which means it won’t cost you much data. It is a light app, so it doesn’t take too long to download and install as well.

It is the fastest version of Facebook you’ll find. I personally use Facebook lite and I am very satisfied with its performance. If something is wrong with your Facebook app or it is loading slowly, you can instantly switch to Lite and use it. It is twice as fast as our regular Facebook app.

With the fewer resources required and being easy on internet data, it also means that you will have to sacrifice on looks and some advanced features. However, the app is good enough to see the notification, chat with friends, update status, upload photos and perform other basic functions of Facebook.

Swipe for Facebook: for the closest thing to the Facebook app

Screenshot of Swipe for Facebook on Google Play Store

It is doing the same as Facebook Lite, but it is focused on offering a more official app with advanced features. It is one of the smoothest alternative Facebook apps out there, integrating the light Facebook mobile website into a familiar user interface that is much like the original Facebook app. It is one of the lightest weighted, highly customizable and battery-friendly alternative Facebook apps even for the older devices. It emphasizes on user interface and user experience as much as functionality and design. It is better in every single way.

However, if you want to get additional features like higher customizations, notification filtering, or retain last visited pages, you’ll have to upgrade to pro version.

Mini for Facebook: for the slickest experience

Screenshot of Mini for Facebook on Google Play Store

Another great take to minimize the Facebook resource usages and offer great features is Mini for Facebook. This app is the perfect solution for your small or not so good performing device. It can work with the 2G connection similar to Facebook Lite and let you complete most of the regular Facebook tasks. Also, its interface is quite stylish for an app that is focused on saving resources.

Some of the additional features if this app includes video downloading from Facebook, mini caller ID for unknown number identification, bubble chat head, access to the news feed and all this in a small application of just 4 MB. All of these features make Mini one of the best alternative Facebook apps to use.

Social Media Vault: for all social media

Screenshot of Social Media Vault on Google Play Store

If you have several social media accounts, switching to different ones every time can be very confusing and heavy on your device. So, to make things simpler, Social Media Vault is here for you.  It is an app that helps you connect with every social media platform including Facebook. It offers various exciting features that are worth trying, even if it is only for Facebook. It allows you to lock and access all your social media accounts with a single password or pattern lock. It has an anti-hack system that will take a picture of the intruder if they try to open your account and enter a wrong password.

Also, you don’t need to worry if someone shoulder snoops you or suddenly arrives when you are socializing. All you have to do is Facedown or shake your phone to quickly switch to another application. Social Media Vault is that one application that supports 55 other social networks, and its built-in private browser makes sure no one tracks your social media browsing session (it clears your browsing history).

Metal for Facebook: for a notification shade bar

Screenshot of Metal for Facebook on Google Play Store

Metal for Facebook and Twitter is one of the alternative Facebook apps that’s been getting a lot of positive response over the last year. It supports two social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Metal is one of those alternative Facebook apps that are battery efficient. It is an extremely light app of 3MB supporting data-saving features. It offers an ad-free experience, advanced notifications, and floating windows and theming options to the users.

Metal for Facebook has two unique features: build in support for Twitter and access your messages and notification from anywhere. You have to simply swipe down the notification bar and tap on its icon. Overall, Metal for Facebook is the most feature-packed wrapper for Facebook out there. The developer has had a good track record with updating the app with new Facebook features every time.

Friendly: for the friendly version

Friendly on Google Play StoreFriendly is the alternative app for both Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger. It has been built as an extension of the light Facebook mobile website. It preserves your battery, storage, and data while giving you back control over your newsfeed.

Friendly for Facebook has so many cool features like downloading videos from Facebook, customizing your newsfeed, blocking Facebook ads, securing your account with Fingerprint and password lock, switching between multiple FB accounts, and changing beautiful material themes. Because of all of these amazing features, Friendly has become one of the best alternative Facebook apps for all the users.

Above are the top 6 resources friendly and feature rich alternative Facebook apps. However, all of them have more or less same features, except for the visual aspect. If you don’t use Facebook too often, then there is no need to download a separate app. You can simply access Facebook inside your mobile browser, such as Chrome.

Do you use any of these alternative Facebook apps? If yes, please let us know about them through the comments section below.