Sajha Bus at the bus stop.

Sajha to Install the Smart Travel Card Device on Its Buses

Sajha Yatayat is a cooperative public transportation organization that is providing efficient and affordable public transportation to the commuters inside the valley, as well to inter-district travelers. Sajha has always been a convenient way of transportation to all the travelers. Having so many good qualities already, Sajha is now all set to upgrade their service to passengers and install Smart Travel Card device on its buses.

Sajha Yatayat is going to use the Smart Travel Card (STC), an electronic pre-paid card for the daily travelers from next week. According to the cooperative, the STC system has been installed on 10 of its buses that run on Valley roads.

Sajha had announced in August 2015 about installing the system on its two dozen buses, but the plan was somehow abandoned at that time due to some technical problems.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of Sajha Yatayat, Mahendra Raj Pandey said, “There is no turning back this time, as the new system has been installed and will be in use from next week onwards. We will distribute the Smart Travel Card to the passengers at the beginning of next week.”

Sajha Ministers Introducing Smart Travel Cards. Image Credit: Sajha Yatayat.

According to executive officer Pandey, each Sajha bus will have two Smart Travel Card device installed, one at the entry door and the other at the exit. The passengers will have to swipe the card twice, as they enter the bus and while making exit. He further explained that the e-card reader will automatically calculate the distance traveled and deduct the fare accordingly.

Sajha officials said the Smart Travel Card system would soon be installed on all 46 buses of its fleet, based on the response from those 10 buses. Sajha is currently operating 38 buses on the routes inside the valley and eight on four routes outside the valley.

Sources have said that Nepal Bank Ltd has got the responsibility of installing the system. STC holders can recharge their balance at the Sajha Cooperative offices. According to Sajha, the Smart Travel Card is a multipurpose card and can be used at the department stores, restaurants and movie theatres. The e-card costs NRs.150.


Reference: The Kathmandu Post