Huawei Nepal to Provide Refund

Huawei Nepal to Provide Full Money-Back Guarantee Offer

Huawei is going through a hard time lately and it is doing everything it can in order to keep their customers happy. They’re also trying to get buyers which seems to be quite difficult after Google banned its products on the phone. However, in China, the company is performing well as there’s no effect of the ban.

Call Mobility, Huawei’s importer for Nepal recently provided a notice to its customers and channel partners addressing the whole fiasco. In the notice provided, Huawei Nepal mentioned the full money-back guarantee that it would provide. So, if you’re using a Huawei phone and lose your Google Apps access, you could get your money back. Not only the Google apps, but also non-Google apps like Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and more.

You will get a full refund in case if Google apps and services like Play Store, Gmail, and YouTube won’t function on your device. In order to get the claim, your device should be under 2 years old.

The step to provide full refund was originally taken by Huawei Philippines back on 19the June.

The Huawei Full Money Back Guarantee is valid only for those devices that have been bought in Nepal through Huawei Nepal outlets. If you own a device mentioned below and lose your Google and non-Google apps access, you could get your 100% refund.

According to Huawei Nepal, the Full Money Back Guarantee Offer is Applicable on the below phones:

  • Y-series: Y3 2017, Y3 2018, Y5 Lite, Y5 Prime 2018, Y5 Pro 2019, Y6 Prime 2018, Y6 Pro 2019, Y7 Pro 2018, Y7 Pro 2019, Y7 Pro 2019 (64 GB), Y9 2018, Y9 2019, Y Max
  • Nova-series: Nova 2 Lite, Nova 2i Lite, Nova 2i, Nova 3e, Nova 3i, Nova 3, Nova 4
  • Tab-series: Mediapad T3 7″, 8″, 10″
  • P-series: P30 Lite, P20, P20 Pro, P30, P30 Pro
  • Mate-series: Mate 10, Mate 20 Pro

What do you think about the step taken by Huawei Nepal? Do you think this strategy would keep Huawei in the race? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below.