new MacBook Pro release

May we Expect new MacBook Pro Release?

As we count down the days remaining to September 7, the much awaited iPhone release event by Apple; it might be worthwhile to discuss what we are allowed to expect from the event. There’s probably something more exciting about the launch event. Apple will most probably be announcing new MacBook Pro release.

Since we haven’t seen any design upgrades to the Macbook Pro for the past 4 years, the new MacBook Pro is sure an exciting news. Also, we might as well hear of a new MacBook Air.

In addition to the iPhone 7 and its new features, especially the probability of Apple doing away with the 16 GB iPhone, let’s see what more can be anticipated.

What we can expect

The new MacBook Pro release, like the current MacBook, will use a USB-C port. Because it is forgoing all other USB options, a USB adapter would come in handy.



The MacBook Pro will surely be thinner and lighter to further promote the portability. The ultra thin size may mean a super-flat keyboard. Something not everyone is a fan of. We still need the satisfaction when typing. The major feature will be a digital function key display above the keyboard that lets us do common tasks more quickly for whatever program is being used, as Bloomberg reported. The feature is internally called the Dynamic Function Row though we don’t know for sure if it’ll be called the same at launch.

Sure enough, faster processors, increased storage and RAM and longer battery life are to be expected. Apple may as well announce new iMacs with the option of using an AMD graphics chip. The 27-inch Thunderbolt display with 5K resolution that  LG and Apple are reportedly working isn’t sure to be introduced on the 7th.

We do hope for the launch and publicizing of the new MacBooks, though they probably won’t be available for sales until later this year. What is actually coming will only be sure a week away, though.