WC Nepal 2015

Nepali WordPress Stars: Meet Alina Kakshapati

Alina Kakshapati is a WordPresser since 5 yrs and developing websites for more than 6 yrs. She is now working as Product Manager in Code Pixelz Media. Free flying, energetic, happy and stylish, this is what she is and this is what relflects in her work. She likes to create websites/themes that are awesome to the eyes and are easier for the brain.

Alina Kakshapati (left) at WC Nepal 2015

Alina Kakshapati (left) at WC Nepal 2015

How did you get started with WordPress, and where did it take you?

I had been working as a designer after college. After that I joined an advertising company called AndMine as a php developer. There, I was encouraged to learn WordPress as there were few people doing it, so I started doing it in 2010, and I found it really fun, especially QA.

What’s your proudest achievement related to WordPress?

My work on the CharityReview theme, which is live now.

How many WordCamps have you attended, and what do you like about WordCamps?

I have attended all WordCamps since they first started in Nepal. It is a good platform for networking and finding out what is going on. We find out what new companies have come up, and it is a good way to stay updated.

Two pieces of advice for people who want to get started with WordPress?

My generation didn’t know where to start. We did not have that many resources at that time. Now there is a lot more information and opportunities. I would suggest that you do internships before you finish college, attend meetups and get involved.

I think you need patience and passion, skills come later as you dedicate yourself. The main thing is to never give up.

What are your top 3 WordPress plugins?

ThemeCheck for errors and debugging for developers

Any one Security plugin.  Most of them are good.

The Captcha plugin. You can use it or not, but using it makes your forms secure.

What is your favorite WordPress related resource?

WordPress.org. I also visit blogs of many women working in technology. There is a blog by Helen Hou Sandy who was a pianist and is now working at Automattic; I really like her blog.

What is one thing about WordPress that is an obstacle?

Developers are not following rules. There are a lot of people that are doing hard coding, wasting time, and not letting others benefit, which is a selfish practice. If everyone followed rules, that would make it easier for everyone.

How can WordCamps be made better?

There are enough volunteers, but not enough speakers. We are having the same speakers over and over again because a lot of people who have expertise are not comfortable sharing in front of an audience. If we can improve on this, it will be great.

Tell us something about you that isn’t WordPress related.

I love Zumba. I am a licensed instructor of Zumba.