Exclusive interview with Uniq Poet

Exclusive Interview with Utsaha Joshi aka UNIQ POET

For an exclusive interview, we present you the rising star in Nepali Hip-hop industry – Utsaha Joshi, aka UNIQ POET. Uniq is a rapper, a musician and a lyricist from Nepal. There would barely be any youth in Nepali Music Industry that does not know Uniq Poet. Anyone who’s into Nepali music might have heard his music. He owns a Silver Play Button and has more than 107K subscribers on his YouTube channel. With his music, he has conveyed many messages and he already is an idol for so many newbies in Hip-hop. He writes his own lyrics, which is a commendable work as some musicians/rappers have gained intense popularity in spite of them using ghostwriters. Uniq Poet writes what he sings. That makes him one of the most talented lyricists in Nepali Hip-hop as his songs are loved and appreciated by many.

He believes Rap is the voice of youngsters, a way to make ourselves heard and it must be treated well. Uniq started rapping at a young age, 16 to be precise. In spite of starting at such a young age, his tenacity and love for music have only grown and it now is reaching new heights. We respect and salute a legend like that.

In this exclusive interview, he talks about his Hip-hop journey, interests, and more.

Utsaha Joshi, famous as Uniq Poet, even though most of us already know so much about you, can you please give us a short introduction of yourself.

I am a rapper from Nepal who started around 8 years back and still has a long way to go, I believe. Besides music, I am also a programmer, currently busy learning how to develop mobile/web applications. It is fascinating to experiment what we can do with technology and I don’t want to miss out on this wonderful digital ride that mankind is taking onto.

When did you start rapping first and how did you initiate your journey in NepHop (Nepali Hip-hop)?

I started rapping first by imitating my idols like Eminem, Nas, and Jay Z. I was introduced to Nepali Hip-hop later on through a page called NepHop. It is where I first met MC Flo, Yama Buddha, and many more. I, then, started talking to them since I was passionate about rapping as well. Then came a day when suddenly Yama dai called me and said he would book me studio time for a mixtape. That’s when I did my first mixtape titled “Truth Be Told” with Pri Gurung as the Producer. I feel tremendously fortunate that it happened as I got to know Yama dai up close and personally. May his soul rest in peace.

What are your parents’ thoughts about you being in the Hip-hop field? Are they supportive?

I never told them I rapped until they found out themselves. They knew I was more into Hip hop music but actually doing it in real came as a shudder they couldn’t digest. However, things have changed and now they are quite supportive. Even my father once told me to write a song about climate change and use my platform to spread awareness. So, yes, it is looking good now.

We’ve seen you grow from a boy rapping at Raw Barz to a man with his own music. What challenges you had to face from that phase to till today?

The biggest challenge for me was to convince myself that music could actually be a career in Nepal, which I think I still am questioning and haven’t made up my mind yet. Other than that, not really.

What inspires you to write and create music content?

I am not what you guys call a “social” person. I don’t share much, even with my friends. I don’t have many friends, to be honest. So, I like to lean towards rap and the lyricism it requires to better express and put myself out in the world.

What makes you and your music unique in this industry?

That’s for the audience to say.

As an artist, who is your inspiration? Or let’s say whose music do you listen to the most?

As I mentioned earlier, rappers like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar

, Nas, and Jay Z are the reason I started rapping. However, as for now, J cole and YBN cordae are my current favorites.

Your thoughts on those who say hip-hop is nowhere near real music or would violate our society?

I think hip-hop will change our society and the way we think for of course, the better. Wait and watch!

Do you have any unforgettable crazy fan moment? We would love to hear.

As I said, I am a recluse. I am not really around fans. I don’t do shows or anything. I like to stay in my own lair with my music and do things I enjoy. So, nothing crazy till now.

Besides your love for music, what else do you enjoy?

I enjoy listening to songs, watching Netflix all day, and also, reading books is one of my hobbies.

Any messages for your fans and followers?

Uniq Poet exists because of you. I promise to put out an album soon and try to come to a city near you so that I can finally see you guys. That’s because one has to balance his chakras before anything else. Take care until then.

I had an excellent time interviewing this inspiring rapper. He truly is one of a kind; a bold and fierce outlook with a humble and soft heart. Thank you so much for taking out time for this interview. Best wishes from us for your future endeavors.

You can find UNIQ POET on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uniqpoetWD
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uniq_poet/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/uniqpoet

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  1. UNIQ da is truly one the my most favorite person in the entire world I would love to meet him irl.
    What makes UNIQ da special? He reaches out to people, he interacts.
    Just love the the fact that he does something more than just rapping. UNIQ da what makes you unique is how you put your words out to the world to hear. I’ve been watching you for the longest time and I absolutely love you!

  2. @UniqPoet you truly are an inspiration for many of us who have things to say but no words to describe. You are a gem in Nepali music industry. Just keep doing what you do best. We love you okayy ❤

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