Youth Co: Lab Starts in Kathmandu.

“Youth Co: Lab” Starts in Kathmandu

Youth Co: Lab, a national dialogue to promote social innovation and entrepreneurship and help the youth realize the scope and challenges, started from 8th of November. The event concludes on November 10th.

The program is being organized by United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON), National Youth Council (NYC), and Youth Force for SDGs; with Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NEHUB) as a knowledge partner.

About 60 young entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators from across Nepal have gathered in the capital, Kathmandu, for Youth Co: Lab.

Image Source: Glocal Khabar

Image Source: Glocal Khabar

The main climax of the first day was the panel discussion and session with entrepreneurs where youths got a chance to explore opportunities and difficulties in starting their own enterprise.

Mr. Anil Keshari Shah, a renowned banker, and Mr. Sixit Bhatta, founder of Tootle, took the stage to advocate the importance of Economic Empowerment and reflect the role of young people for better tomorrow. They shared the story of their own struggle and pointed out the weaknesses that their generation couldn’t overcome.

Mr. Shah and Mr. Bhattarai hosting the Youth Co: Lab. Image Source: Glocal Khabar

Mr. Shah and Mr. Bhattarai advocating the youths about Economic Empowerment in the Youth Co: Lab. Image Source: Glocal Khabar

Mr. Anil Keshari Shah fascinated the youth to become job creator rather than a job seeker.  Throughout his turn, he restated that the youths shouldn’t question themselves “Can I do?” but get driven by the feeling of “I can do.” He asked the youth to become positive with their work with their work and not to be afraid of the mistakes. Taking his chance to appreciate the presence of Nepali youth during earthquake’s aftermath relief, he presented Nepali youths as devoted, hardworking and considerate.

“You can make many mistakes in your life but make sure not to repeat the same mistake. You should have the inspiration to be followed by aspiration. We aren’t only inspiring you but providing you with seeds of opportunity. If you cultivate it being optimistic and sincere, it will surely yield you success,” said Mr. Shah.

Mr. Sixit Bhatta regards ‘Invest, Reinvest and Flourish’ as a mantra to become a successful entrepreneur. Yet, he feels that without a well-qualified and dedicated side to support, success lies far away.

“Only you can reach your goal when you invest enough time to build your team. Your team represents your idea,” said Mr. Bhatta.

Mr. Bhatta, who comes from Doti, a remote district of Nepal, focused on the devolution of facilities and services so that youths will start exploring the opportunity in their own places. Additionally, he also repeated not to quit a scheme just because of failure in the initial days.

Youth Co: Lab. Image Source: Glocal Khabar

Youth Co: Lab. Image Source: Glocal Khabar

Gautam Sharma was among the participant who thinks platforms like Youth Co: Lab is necessary for youths in different districts of Nepal. According to him, there are many youths who have ended up doing nothing in absence of proper supervision. “If such form of programs is taken beyond Kathmandu, there are many youths who would be highly benefited,” said Gautam.

As tomorrow is the closing day of the program, Youth Co: Lab, make sure to attend it. Share us your thoughts in the comment section below.


Reference: Glocal Khabar