Unleashing Agri-Business in Nepal | Venture Talk with Anand Bagaria. Image Source: Facebook

Unleashing Agri-Business in Nepal | Venture Talk with Mr. Anand Bagaria

Venture Talk with Mr. Anand Bagaria was held on 29th of April 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal which was hosted by NEXT Venture Corp on the theme ‘Unleashing Agri-Business in Nepal.’ The talk was for the entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneur’s community.

Discussions held on ‘Unleashing Agri-Business in Nepal’ shed light on opportunities for startups working or willing to work in the agriculture sector in the nation. Anand Bagaria, Managing Director of NIMBUS Nepal, said that the startups should focus on the ‘right gap’ that will help them to find the business opportunity.

He shared about the context of agro-business in terms of opportunities and challenges in the industry. Additionally, he shared his idea on ways to foster this industry. He also shared that there were many crops to choose from for specialized agriculture practices. Even in the case of animal husbandry, there are so many improvements to be made, he stressed.

“With proper standardization measures and grading of crops, there could be a great improvement in agriculture as a whole,” said Mr. Bagaria

He also said that people are complacent to start agri-businesses because of the lack of statistical information. This lack of logistics itself is an opportunity with a great narrowing of the gap in information. If the logistical information was available easily, it would intrigue many people to join agri-business.

His insight story gave a learning on ‘what to produce’, ‘how to start agro-business’, and ‘how to tap the market and sustain in Nepal’.

He concluded the program with the note saying, “a lot of the cost could be cut down if unwanted steps were not included and the right people with the right knowledge were to use their knowledge for improving the quality of different aspects of agribusiness, it would be a huge progress towards economic growth.”


Reference: Glocal Khabar, New Business Age