2nd International Youth Exchange Conference.

2nd International Youth Exchange Conference | Second Edition

2nd International Youth Exchange Conference is going to be held on 8th of May 2018 starting from 8 A.M. Aakar Nepal आकार नेपाल is set to the organize the second edition of International Youth Exchange Conference in collaboration with Reinstality Hope, Northern Academy of Aviation and Technology Youth Exchange Conference (NAAT), and Universal Peace Federation at Northern Light Academy of Aviation and Technology, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

Youth constitute one-third of world’s total population, and it is often seen that youth are one of the major actors of conflict or any sort of political changes along with peacebuilding process. However, youth most of the time, are considered as troublemaker but not peacemakers. Equally, Youth constitutes a growing proportion of world’s population with larger numbers than ever before and they will shape the world of tomorrow. The world has been experiencing a rapid development in social and economic spheres over the course of recent decades. It is a home to great diversity and tremendous opportunities and many young people have managed to benefit from such social and economic dynamism.

The five-day event will invite applicant from across the globe with an aim to support young leaders in the world by giving them the tools and methods they need in their work for a sustainable and peaceful society.

In the conference, 2nd International Youth Exchange Conference, Youth Leaders would get a chance to participate in workshops, meet key policymakers, and interact with other young people driving change around the world. Likewise, creative workshops with a paper presentation of delegates and resources persons, cooperative-games, action-based activities, volunteer action and building cross-cultural relationships will be the major focus. Cultural performance regarding different cross-cutting issues will be also shown to promote cultural diversity among participants.

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