Min Bahadur Sherchan-oldest Everest summiter

Sherchan launches bid to reclaim oldest Everest summiter record

Age doesn’t matter when you have a passion for succeeding. Min Bahadur Sherchan, 86, is a living proof of that. He is all set to reclaim the oldest Everest summiter record.

Sherchan has a dream to become the oldest person to conquer the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest. He announced he would be making another attempt to scale Mt. Everest to try to reclaim the title of the oldest man to climb the world’s tallest peak.

Sherchan reached atop the Everest at the age of 76 in 2008, and recorded his name in the Guinness Book of World Records on 2010, replacing previous record holder Japanese Yuichiro Miura. Three years later, his record was broken by Miura again by climbing at the age of eighty.

Miura first climbed the peak in 2003 at the age of 70. He climbed Everest again in May 2008 when he was 75, but he did not set the record as he reached the summit a day after Sherchan achieved the feat at 76.

In 2013, Miura snatched the record of the oldest Everest summiter back from Sherchan by stepping on the summit at the age of 80. When Miura announced that he would be climbing Everest, it had come as a shock to Sherchan who thought the record was his for keeps.

Sherchan appealed to the government for financial support for his month-long Everest expedition. His application lay immobile at the cabinet, but he vowed to keep climbing.

Avalanches in 2014 and massive earthquakes in 2015 forced Sherchan to put his plan on hold. He obtained a permit to climb Everest ion 2015. Last year, he was unable to find a sponsor.

Sherchan’s 2017 spring expedition will be sponsored by the Non-Resident Nepali Association United Kingdom and Thakali and Magar community organizations in the UK. “The estimated cost of Sherchan’s expedition is Rs 9.5 million,” said Jeet Bahadur Gharti Magar, a former British Gurkha soldier.

Summit Nepal Trekking will be handling Sherchan’s Everest bid this year. “He will be supported by six high-altitude climbing guides,” said Shiva Raj Thapa, managing director of Summit Nepal Trekking.

Sherchan is currently in a bid to break the Japanese national’s record and reclaim the title. He spoke of his commitment to winning back the title of oldest Everest summiter record. “I may be old in terms of age, but I still have young courage. I will reach the peak of Everest come what may.”

He further said he would climb the Mt Everest for the world peace and humanity. “I feel being like at 16 when I think of Mt. Everest,” Sherchan shared.

Sherchan will begin his journey on April 1, 2017. At one of the press meetings, he said, “Don’t worry, I will not die. I will return and return successfully.”

Reference: The Kathmandu Post