See Who Unfollowed You on Social Media

How You Can See Who Unfollowed You on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram

It is one of those terrible consequences of living in the 21st century – the need of having many social media profiles. Social media has become a part of our everyday lives. You work hard to build a social network and cultivate relationship with people. Likely you are closely tracking who follows you on social media. It only makes sense. You want to know if you’re attracting the right crowd. However, you’ll eventually lose followers and losing digital friends can be very damaging to your self-esteem.

It might sound absurd, but losing friends on one of your many social networking platforms is a very real issue and if you pretend you’re not bothered about it, then you’re probably lying. There will always be a part of you that kind of wants to know…

Now there are number of ways in which you can find out who has done the dirty on you, according to Daily Dot. But beware! You might not like what you see.

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

Who Deleted Me

Who Deleted Me


Now Facebook is a dangerous one. It is where people go to talk to more of their actual friends unlike Instagram and Twitter. That makes it hard. However, if you’re intent on finding out who’s dropped you from their friends list, Deleted is the app that will do the stalking for you. It includes a Chrome extension which notifies when you’re a friend down.

When you click the click, it will show you whether you were outright dropped from the friends list or if the person in question simply deactivated their account.

How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter

Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter

Who Unfollowed Me

The basic service of Who Unfollowed Me is fast and easy to use. You simply have to visit the site, connect your Twitter, and wait. It will keep track of who is following you at that moment. The next time you log back in, it will run your old list against your current followers and tell you who is missing. This is especially useful for keeping track of people who only follow you in hopes of getting followed back rather than actually wanting to interact with you. Who Unfollowed Me also offers premium service that will keep track of your followers over time rather than simply telling you who recently unfollowed you.

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Snapchat

Unfortunately, no service yet can tell you who unfollowed you on Snapchat. Your best bet is to remember who you are friends with and scan your friends list every now and then. We’ll update this article when a service becomes available.

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram




It is similar to Who Unfollowed Me and can be used to track who’s gone and unfollowed you on photo-sharing site Instagram. All you have to do is log in to your account from the app and let it do the dirty work for you. Revisit the website once a week and see who has dropped you from the picture party. Unfollowgram also offers a Twitter function, but its work is inferior to that of Who Unfollowed.

Parting Words

After all that’s been discussed, the question should not be “Who unfollowed me on social media?”! The question you should be asking is WHY they unfollowed you. Unfollows hurt! Undoubtedly. Whether it’s on a personal or business account. It’s like someone breaking up with you but never giving you a reason.

Remember: there are usually reasons people unfollow you. Try thinking what caused them to unfollow you – a post, a photo or a caption that finally pushed them over the edge. Knowing the reasons could give you the edge and keep other followers from dumping you in the future.

But then again, there’s no need to obsess over this. I’m pretty sure we can continue our lives without worrying about who’s dropped out on our online lives.

However, just in case, it is nice to know the option’s there.