Let your stories go free – The StoryYellers

Stories are a part of everybody’s life. Stories themselves are representations of life. There can be stories that inspire and those that teach. Some that make you reflect and ponder or those that make you speak. No matter what they are, you now have a platform to share those stories inside you. The Storytellers, an organization/group formed solely with the mission of bringing out the stories of people from different aspects of life that can be impactful. They may be personal, professional, social or anything else that can be helpful to someone else who it’s shared with.

This week, The Storytellers are organizing an event – The StoryYellers. The event is described as a platform to share the stories that have been an inspiration to people from all areas of life. To share the story that changed their lives.

The event is one of a kind and provides with an unconventional way to connect with many people. To make friends, to learn more about strangers and to find people who may be in a similar phase as you in life. Sharing allows us to break the barriers and challenge the norms of staying private. There is no such freedom as one that comes after sharing your experiences with a complete stranger.

So, if you have stories to share or love to hear them like I do, make sure you join The StoryYellers. The event will take place tomorrow, 17 August from 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM at Calm Restaurant, Tangal.

There are many such events hosted by The Storytellers and we will keep featuring them as they are organized.
For more information, check out their event on Facebook and make sure you RSVP.