parking alongside ring road banned in kathmandu

Parking Alongside Ring Road Banned in Kathmandu!

People parking their vehicle haphazardly around the city area is no surprise and has become so common nowadays. Is it because of the poor management system? Lack of education maybe? Or are we just not disciple enough for things like these? No matter what the reason is, parking carelessly is wrong and only creates chaos. Nowadays, the number of people parking alongside Ring Road is rising and the Department of Transport Management is pretty much concerned about the issue.

The DoTM has issued a public notice stating parking alongside ring road is now banned and those who violate the ban would face maximum penalty and punishment as well.

This is the second time after the DoTM notified the motorists not to park their vehicles alongside Ring Road back in 2017. The second public notice has arrived after the rampant violation of traffic rules, especially along the ring road area. The rule envisions a smooth traffic system and reduction of road accidents.

The DoTM, like any other of their campaigns, said the ban on parking alongside ring road aims at managing and regulating traffic inside Kathmandu valley.

Moreover, the law enforcement agency of the DoTM, Metropolitan Traffic Police Division also reminded that greenbelt areas had been declared no-parking zones. The vehicles violating the rule and parked alongside ring road will be detained before any actions are taken against the rider/driver. According to MTPD, the greenbelt area has been maintained for promoting greenery and no one is allowed to violate that.

Traffic and civil cops would be mobilized to monitor the ring road area and take action against the rule violators accordingly.

So, what do you guys think about this new, but not so new road rule? Will the campaign be a success or will it just remain a rule, like any other?