Nepcoms Australia Educational Fair 2018. Image Source: Facebook

Nepcoms Australia Educational Fair 2018

Nepal’s one of the most attractive Study Abroad Fair is back! Nepcoms Australia Educational Fair 2018 is going to be held on the 22nd of September, 2018, at Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. The fair will begin at 10 A.M. and is expected to last till 4 P.M. The educational fair will also take place at Pokhara on the 20th of September, 2018!

The phrase study abroad means a person’s intent to gain knowledge outside of the confines of their country. Studying abroad is an effective way to fulfill requirements for your college degree and travel the world while experiencing new cultures at the same time. Many students choose to study abroad because of the potential benefits. So, Nepal’s one of the best Study Abroad Fair, Nepcoms Australia Kathmandu Fair 2018 is taking place to guide Nepali students in a right path.

Nepcoms Australia Educational Fair 2018 is being organized by Nepcoms Services – Kathmandu and will be hosted by Queensford College. Come, meet, and explore Nepcoms Australia Educational 2018!

Main Attractions of Nepcoms Australia Educational Fair 2018:

  • More than 20 Universities and Colleges are taking part,
  • More information on Scholarship,
  • Universities and colleges that are taking part in the fair are mostly preferred by Nepalese students,
  • Affordable price,
  • Firsthand information from the people of the Universities and Colleges,
  • On-the-spot assessment,
  • Proper guidance on Admissions and Visa Processing,
  • Education loans information from ‘A’ Class Banks

For more information about Nepcoms Australia Educational Fair 2018, you can visit their official Facebook page or you contact the following numbers:

  1. 01-4252054
  2. 01-4226210

Or you can email your queries at [email protected]. Make sure to attend and support Nepcoms Australia Educational Fair 2018!