Mount Everest. Image Credit: Travelbook

Nepal to create free WiFi zones at the base camps of Mt. Everest

We all know how important and difficult it is to provide information during disasters. So, in order to provide easy flow of information during disasters and also to promote tourism, our Government is all set to create free WiFi zones at the base camps of Mt. Everest.

The main purpose of this campaign is to facilitate communications from the world’s highest mountain and to aid rescue efforts at any emergencies. Accidents in the Everest region have become costly affairs for the government and tourism entrepreneurs because of the high altitude and problems associated with mounting rescue efforts in extreme climate conditions. Creating free WiFi zones at the base camps will definitely help in such rescue missions more effectively.

The base camp is located at the height of 5,360 meters (17,600 feet), making this the highest location at which free WiFi services will be available. Some hotels and restaurants at the base camp offer users WiFi at a rate of up to $5 per hour.

Digambar Jha, chairman of state-run Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) said, “In the initial phase we will set up free WiFi zones along the trials of Lukla-Everest Base Camp area and Annapurna Base Camp.” He further added that they will be expanding the service in other areas too.

Jha said the WiFi service will operate on the “Okumura Model”, which uses low-cost optical fiber cables for high-speed internet. Special optical fibers resistant to extremely cold weather and icefall will be used to create free WiFi zones. “We have already discussed about setting free WiFi zones with the International Telecommunication Union, and they are also positive about providing such facilities,” he added.

“Besides easing communication, tourists and other users can send photos, videos, and messages that will help boost tourism,” Jha said.

If optical fibers do not work at high altitudes, other technologies such as microwave will be used to provide the WiFi service, officials said.

Setting up free WiFi zones will be a great help in all possible ways for people living there. And also, for people all around the world, as they will be updated with everything happening there.

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