South western view of Bagmati river from Thapathali bridge, on June 16, 2016.

Drone cameras to be used to check garbage disposal into Bagmati

Are you used to throwing garbage into Bagmati River? Beware! You might be caught and booked. We all know about the Bagmati Clean-Up Campaign that has been going on for a long time now. The campaign reached its 196th week last Saturday. But, the project is progressing quite slowly and that is the reason why a team of people from Seoul University in South Korea has come up with a brilliant idea of putting up drone cameras to make sure that the river stays clean.

As a part of its job, the team will monitor with drone cameras and take pictures of those littering the river or encroaching upon the land belonging to the river and help book the rule violators.

The Korean team is expected to keep records of those dumping trashes into the river with photographs and submit the report to concerned authorities like the Ministries of Urban Development and Drinking Water and Sanitation, Bagmati Civilization Integrated Development Committee, respective Metropolitan City, Sub-Metropolitan City and municipalities for necessary action to be taken against the violators.

The campaigner, Umesh Bohara said, “The team will be and will start monitoring the specified areas to ensure the river is clean and for that it has acquired approval from the government.”

He further added, “The areas from Utterbahine to Gokarneshwor Temple in Gokarneshwor Municipality, from Sinamangal to Min Bhavan and in Kathmandu Metropolis, from Teku bridge to Sundarighat in Lalitpur Metropolitan City fall under the scope of the team.”

Meanwhile, 26 metric ton garbage has been extracted from Bagmati River as part of the mega cleaning campaign on Saturday.

Now that the drone cameras are to be used for the inspection of garbage disposal in Bagmati, we wait for the time when our Government will grant us the permission to freely use drone cameras for a longer period of time and also, not limit us to use drone under a limited distance.