National Youth Fest 2018 to begin from 15th of June. Image Source: Facebook

National Youth Fest 2018 to begin from 15th of June

National Youth Fest 2018 is going to be held on 15th of June to the 17th. The youth fest is going to take place at National College, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu. The event will be organized and hosted by National College and will start at 9 A.M.

The fest, National Youth Fest 2018 is a 3-day fest designed to provide confidence, optimism to high school graduates (+2) along with a wide range of variety of events, fun games, and sessions which focuses on career building, and learning. The event targets bringing 100 participants from high schools, especially recent graduates. It is designed to equip participants with strategies required to uplift after high school life with enthusiasm and willingness to achieve their personal dreams.

National Youth Fest 2018 aims to give the students an exceptional opportunity to build, act, learn, and take part in creative abilities and build self-confidence, critical imagination and recognize their ability and showcase their work.

The 3-day program is filled with sessions – workshops and games, ranging from hardcore learning to extreme fun. National Youth Fest 2018 is a special festival organized for the students of grade 11 and 12. The fest can help develop creative, development, critical, social and communicative skills of young people. Throughout the festival process, the participants will receive professional guidance with the accessibility to showcase their skills.

100 participants will be divided into 10 different groups of 10 members each and then they will be competing with other groups. Furthermore, there will be individual competitions as well and two outstanding participants will be awarded the title “National Youth Icon – Male” and “National Youth Icon – Female”. The Youth Icons will be awarded cash prize as well.

The group activities include various different competitions like debates, group discussion, table tennis, futsal tournament, writing competitions, painting competitions, talent show, quiz, etc.

For more information about the fest, National Youth Fest 2018, visit their official Facebook page. You can fill-in for the event here. Make sure to attend and support the youth fest event.