Hamro Cycle Yatra 2018

Hamro Cycle Yatra 2018 | Honoring Waste Workers | Dignity for All

The Center of Research and Sustainable Development Nepal (CREASON) is all geared up to organize a cycle rally – Hamro Cycle Yatra 2018 on June 9, 2018. Also, CREASON will be hosting a walk rally during the Hamro Cycle Yatra 2018 event comprising waste workers, scrap dealers, youth activists and other supporters. The rally will kick-off at sharp 7 A.M. to 12 P.M.

The Hamro Cycle Yatra 2018 is going to be the symbol of unity and the slogan for the event is #DignityForAll. Therefore, everyone in the rally will be taking on the streets of Kathmandu to raise awareness on the crucial and notable contribution of waste workers to our society and hailing them as ‘Green Heroes’.

Hamro Cycle Yatra is an annual cycle rally held on the month of June, on the occasion of World Environment Month, which is organized by CREASON. The main motive of this annual rally is to publicly honor waste workers and to admire their remarkable involvement to keep our environment clean and healthy.

Waste workers provide a crucial service to our society by properly managing the waste produced by households, offices, and industries. Without them, our homes, workplaces, and streets would be littered with piles of garbage making out environment a mess. This would soon result in public health concerns. A world without waste workers is unimaginable—our environment would be an unsanitary nightmare. It is due to their continuous efforts that our environment is clean and livable. And, that is why it is extremely crucial that we raise awareness on the importance of waste workers and admire their effort. So, Hamro Cycle Yatra 2018 is an event completely dedicated to our Green Heroes and their hard work.

The rally will start from Narayan Chaur and conclude at Shivapuri Higher Secondary School, Baluwatar. The rally will be followed by the recreational activities and refreshments as well. Also, in addition to the refreshments, primary health care services and first aid kits to ensure the safety of sanitation will also be available at the venue. Hamro Cycle Yatra will also feature some of the renowned celebrities from the Nepali Film Industry.

The two main objectives of Hamro Cycle Yatra 2018 are:

  • To give social recognition to our sanitation workers as an integral part of our society for a healthy livelihood.
  • To aware of the advantages of the use of cycling, an eco-friendly means of transportation for reducing air pollution and controlling traffic.

Hamro Cycle Yatra is being organized with the support from Nepal Bank Ltd., Shivapuri Higher Secondary School, Community Police Service Center, Nil Saraswatisthan, Kathmandu Dental Hospital, Manmohan Hospital, and Mero Hospital.

People from all walks of life come together to celebrate this event by honoring our Environment Heroes.

For more details, please visit the official event page on Facebook or if you have any queries, you can directly contact CREASON Nepal on their Facebook page.