KMC to Ban Free Parking inside Metropolis

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has decided to ban free parking inside metropolis areas annulling its earlier decision of free parking by endorsing the Finance Act 2074.

According to the Finance Act 2074 Act, the KMC should take permit prior to operating parking business, parking area alongside the metro roads should be marked clearly and only take 25 percent of the total road area.

The KMC has divided the metropolis into three areas where two-wheelers will now have to pay NPR.10-20 while four-wheelers will have to pay NPR.40-50 and six-wheelers or above will have to pay NPR.100-200 per hour.

Pay parking system can be a good change. There have been so many cases in Kathmandu where parking illegally has led to causing accidents.

The finance generated from charging the vehicle owner could further be used to build parking areas. There is also a high chance that the annual income of Nepal could raise.

Due to lack of parking slots/areas, people carelessly park their vehicles in free areas. Most people are seen parking their vehicles in ‘no-parking’ zone. People carelessly parking their vehicles are generally fined by traffic cops.

According to KMC officials, last year alone the metropolis raised Rs 8million in fine from those whose two-wheelers. The parking problem in the Valley, however, is not something that has emerged recently. Kathmandu valley has been facing this problem for over a decade now.

Likewise, the Act also states of tax exemption if the KMC applies modern technology while running the parking business.

The KMC’s new rule to ban free parking inside Metropolis will surely lead motorists to park cautiously inside the valley.

Below is the list of parking areas and the amount charged:

Image Source: The Kathmandu Post